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Awards and recognitions

Target Global Accelerator Program

out of 10 global retail-tech startups

HTC AR/VR Accelerator Program

Out of 30 Global leading XR startup

Prestige LVMH Innovation Award

Out of 30 global retail tech companies

Mission for the future program

Out of 50 global leading startup

Commercialization Program

Out of 10 Israeli leading Startups

Top 100 fastest growing startups


Top 100 fastest growing startups


Helping brands and retailers
to survive and thrive

ByondXR was founded in 2016 by industry veterans Noam Levavi and Eran Galil with the goal of helping brands, wholesalers and retailers to showcase their products in the most effective and engaging way in this new and ever-changing business environment

ByondXR is trusted by leading global brands
and by 3 out of the 10 biggest retailers in the world!

We have offices in New York and Tel Aviv.

We are working around the clock with much love and dedication to provide our respected clients with the best solutions to easily accelerate their digital transformation and win their customers loyalty

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In the News

“ByondXR is set out to make the commerce experience more natural, less digital, more human.”


Why Go ByondXR?

The fastest loading time in the industry

Utilize existing 2D & 3D assets

Behavioral analytics in real time

Embeddable to any type of website

Runs seamlessly on all web browsers

Self serve and user friendly

No downloads or plugins

Highest level of photo-realism in the industry

Our Blog

From Behavioral Data to Personalization

From Behavioral Data to Personalization

In a world craving tailored experiences, leveraging behavioral data is paramount, but with it comes the challenge of balancing user trust and innovative adventures. The journey takes businesses from refining raw insights to crafting profoundly personalized virtual realms, always prioritizing responsible data custodianship.

How VR/AR Can Boost Retail Brand Loyalty

When it comes to retail, VR and AR are promising to be game changers, enabling the transition of commerce into the metaverse and the delivery of immersive shopping experiences by brands.

Data-driven UX Optimization

Data-driven UX Optimization in 3D Spaces

As the world increasingly leans into virtual realms, one cannot overlook the wealth of information buried within the digital footsteps of users. Analyzing user behavior in a 3D environment brings both challenges and opportunities.

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