A full digital showroom and ordering system for apparel brands & wholesalers

The Holistic B2B E-Commerce Platform

  • Shorten your sale cycle & increase your margins
  • Reduce sample & operational costs
  • Give your buyers a dynamic and rich experience
  • Minimize travel for your clients and sales reps
  • Provide a unified, controllable brand experience
  • Plan ahead using buyers’ behavior data
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Creating With ByondXR


Integrate ByondXR into your design, PLM and ordering systems to close the full loop and save time and money


Personalize showrooms & line-sheets for each buyer in minutes and provide an impressive and efficient showroom experience.


Reuse your existing 2D or 3D assets to start using ByondXR right away. No need to generate dedicated material.


Collaborate better than ever before, improving your work process, results, efficiency and team communication.

byondxr apparel virtual showroom displays

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