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Augmented Reality for Brands

Forward-thinking brands in the Luxury, Beauty, CPG, and Food & Beverage industries use augmented reality (AR) to dramatically improve their online shopping experiences. These brands’ AR-powered immersive experiences are creating innovative ways for consumers to interact with and experience their products digitally, which is leading to increased consumer engagement and brand loyalty.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality, or AR, is an interactive experience in which digital tools enable users to augment (or enhance) their real-world environment. You can find a simple example of this technology in Pokémon Go, where gamers can look through their phone’s camera and see Pokémon characters pop up in the gamer’s real-world surroundings – on the ground in front of them, or in the window of a nearby store.

Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

How Brands Use Augmented Reality

Beauty brands can use augmented reality to turn online cosmetics shopping into highly personalized, emotionally resonant experiences. Immersive virtual environments powered by AR can allow consumers to virtually apply cosmetics products to their faces – helping them discover, for example, which colors or formulas are best for their skin tones. These AR-enabled experiences have proven much more personal, memorable, and engaging for consumers.

Benefits of AR

Leveraging consumers’ own photos or live videos to enhance their digital shopping experiences, augmented reality makes interacting with brands online more personal, engaging, and memorable. And as brands using ByondXR’s technology platform have found, these qualitative virtues can translate into quantifiable business benefits – including 400% longer engagement time, 24% higher brand loyalty, and a 23% boost in sales. Also, two-thirds of consumers who shop online using AR tools are less likely to return the items they buy.

Augmented Reality

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