Getting peak engagement and conversion in “Be” by Sufersal

Digitizing a Physical Store

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A Client’s Success Story
Digitizing a Physical Store for Israel’s Retail Giant “Shufersal”

One of the recent successful use cases belongs to our respected client the Shufersal group which built the brand BE, a new pharmaceutical retailer which makes waves across the country and already establishing itself as a new retail pharmacy leader.
Our challenge was to find a way in which the digital dimension and the physical environment will be merged.

Click to navigate to live experience

Byond rose up to the occasion and developed a tailored and unique experience; a digital tour in the actual physical store which can be accessed from any phone or home computer!
In addition, the tour was full of surprises such as “hidden coupons” which entices the audience to browse around the shop, discover and redeem special discounts, needless to say – it added a lot of fun to their user journey and significantly increased the brand’s engagement rate.
This is what Ziv Kesselman – ‘Be’ Chief Digital Officer had to say : “Byond has helped us to create our first live virtual tour in our new branch store. The campaign was different than anything we’ve ever seen in terms of omni-channel boost. The platforms’ dynamic capabilities in real time allowed us to control the experience in every aspect of it and witness how traffic is being driven from inside the shop, out to the online store.”

The campaign’s results have exceeded ‘Be’ biggest expectations by far –  “The engagement rate was off the charts with almost 3 minutes per user in average and clearly affecting in-store sales in a way that left us all with a very big smile” Ziv Added.  One of key success points was that the sellers in the make-up section was directing people to go into the new website and find the coupon-  a true onmi-channel collaboration between the worlds.

“Be’s” perspective has changed, to them, immersive experiences have set a new standard in audience engagement and is now an integral part of their toolset.

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