Behind the Scenes of our First MasterCard Day: Four Key Takeaways

Our recent collaboration with MasterCard for #MastercarDay transported us to a virtual version of Tel Aviv – a cleaner, less congested, and fully immersive experience. We strategically positioned links to various city landmarks, leading to different businesses offering discounts and exclusive benefits.

This immersive platform enables users to discover, explore, and wander around the city virtually, spotting different deals and being navigated directly to the corresponding retailer’s site. The dynamic landscape is set to evolve monthly, adapting to new retailers and campaigns.

The Mastercard Day was a success, with a lot of traffic and engagement for a first-time event.

We also gained some valuable insights from this initial event. I am happy to share them with the world:

A central square in the city is reimagined – Priceless Dizengoff Square

1. Engagement Paves the Way for Conversion

In a multi-brand, multi-retailer experience where the user’s journey is not predefined, it is crucial to offer additional dimensions of exploration that can significantly enhance the overall experience and enable the user to learn more about the product. By allowing users to get lost and wander around the experience, they can discover new products and cool features that they might not have otherwise found. This sense of discovery can be incredibly satisfying and lead to a greater focus on products that might have gone unnoticed otherwise.

This type of exploration can help build a stronger connection between the user and the product. Users are given the time and space to truly engage with the experience and develop a more intimate understanding of the product’s features and benefits, which increases the overall brand perception and conversions.

2. We All Have a Gamer Within Us

One reason people are attracted to gamified features, challenges, and rewards is because they have an innate desire for fun and enjoy testing their skills. In addition, many individuals have a competitive streak and are motivated to achieve victory. We have also learned from our data that if someone starts playing a game, the majority (60% or more) will continue until the end. Some players will even replay the game to reach completion. Our A/B testing has also shown that users are more likely to complete a game when they have the option to choose whether or not to participate, rather than being forced to do so.

3. Reality-to-Virtual Crossovers spark interest and enhance Click-Through-Rates

Our team worked diligently to create a unique digital representation of certain parts of Tel Aviv with our own unique twist. This generated buzz and excitement among our audiences. Rather than striving for an exact copy of the city, we opted for an “inspired by” model that presents a dream-like version of Tel Aviv.

This approach encourages exploration and discovery of the space itself, which complements later engagement with the products and results in longer overall time spent in the experience. Users were able to gain a deeper understanding of the offerings by engaging more in the experience throughout the journey which yielded in increased clicks.

4. Personalization is the Gateway to Enhanced Engagement

During our project, we demonstrated our proficiency in creating tailor-made experiences for influencers. Thanks to our partnership with AVATURN, we were able to offer custom Avatars as part of the experience. The feedback we received from the influencers provided us with valuable insights into the world of influencer marketing and innovative engagement channels.

This has fueled our excitement for future projects, as we are eager to continue learning and exploring new ways to engage with our audiences. In fact, we had seven different versions of the stores available to the influencers, each with its own unique features and design. By measuring the effectiveness of each version, we gained a deeper understanding of how to optimize our future campaigns to provide an even better experience for our clients and their audiences.

You can check out the experience here: [Tel-Aviv Mastercard Day City Experience]

Stay tuned as we continue to push the boundaries of immersive virtual experiences. I’ll be glad to share with you any additional insights we gain.

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