Immersive capmaign of the year with Coca-Cola & FIFA

In recent world cup Byond team helped Coca-Cola marketing to create new type of promotional experience – that showcasing the unique branded airplane used to carry the FIFA trophy around the world.
Through Byond Immersive Suite Coca created with Byond a dynamic tour inside the airplane which was accessible world-wide through the web to all phones and computers.
Besides that an Augmented Reality experience and Virtual Reality Vive experience were delivered.

In the demo we took users behind-the-scene edits of the “FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour” 360 – an inveractive experience (check it out here 

The experience ran from both Coca-Cola & FIFA website’s and create a refreshing new way to experience the brand.
One of the strongest parts there was that using the platform Coca-Cola team could manage an interactive map themselves – a map which included 360 videos that Coca-Cola team have produced during their world tour.  Those were uploaded to the system and helped users at home keep a close watch on main places where the trophy has been and feel like they were there…

Trophy tour experience ran for 6 months and its engagement tour soared high as people wandered around looking for the trophy and consuming all bits of media and social inside.

Can read also the story from Coca-Cola’s point of view here


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