‘Byond digital transformation’: Byond’s future of retail + Viva Tech

I’ve realized how quick time is passing by when we are so busy and figured it will be
good to share some updates with our closest circle of friends.

With great things to come to the retail industry, the changes are threatening brands’
positioning and overall longevity. Online competition is growing with relatively new
players that have already grown stronger than many, while in-store traffic is
declining. Consumers and buyers are becoming more powerful and demanding,
and brands are challenged with a new reality, needing to quickly re-invent
themselves without losing their legendary assets. Those who cannot rise above the
ordinary and excel, will eventually wither and fade out.

At Byond, we have researched and worked with leading brands to comply to their
customers’ desires in a way that captures their imagination. We are building a new
generation of retailing, empowering brands to easily go digital and transform the
way they design, sell and present their products.
We help brands making that shift extremely fast, by leveraging their existing data,
assets and cutting-edge technology. Using our platform, they can build attractive
commerce experiences that change the laws of innovation, collaboration and user

Noam Levavi
CEO, Byond

“Be” Success Story

We have worked with “Be” by Sufersall to create the first-ever interactive web campaign using real store environment, augmented with digital layers and gamified coupons. This interactive 360 experience aimed to drive more people to the stores. The results were staggering: 3 minutes per session and more than 25% of redeemed coupons!

Click to read all about this “wonder project”.

What’s cooking in the showroom ?

Shhh Don’t tell anyone – we’re going to reveal soon a revolutionized solution for the fashion industry. Working with high-end design partners,
we have created intuitive 3D digital showrooms that takes traditional wholesale to a whole new dimension – a new way to interact with buyers and to display new designs, collections, inspirations and assortments.

If you have specific interest in moving your showroom to be fully digital and immersive, and want to be the first who knows about it – let me

Going To Viva-Tech in Paris?

Come and meet us at Viva-Tech next week – the biggest technology innovation event in France. We’ll be partnering with no other than Orange in their booth to showcase how future of commerce looks like.

You’re more than welcome to hop-by or contact us to set a meeting.

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