Remote commerce opportunities in the Corona Era

Like majority of companies around the globe, enterprises and startups alike – Coronavirus has been affecting us significantly at ByondXR, but not like you’d think it did.

When it started initially – was like a remote gust of wind – our clients in China & Hong-Kong started to work from home.  It seemed still far – something in the news from the other side of the ocean.   But in matter of very few weeks it came closer, and like a huge hurricane – went in storming on our doorstep – as in the rest of the western world.

COVID-19 Emergency WW Dashboard - ByondXR

While for ByondXR workers in person – the actions take by the whole world – brought day to day challenges –  for ByondXR the company – what started to happen is simply amazing.

With flights no longer possible almost anywhere – our prospects and customers started coming to us with urgent need to have the digital showroom product that can help them continue selling from afar.  Many analysts believe that we’re on a verge of a historical revolution in that aspect.  A unique market education process that was progressing slowly throughout the industry has been accelerated to happen in days!
Our “chant” to everyone for over a year now was that the ability to fully sell digitally and remotely is really a powerful differentiator and huge cost-saving factor.   What happened that this ability has become a critical means of survival – without it many businesses can cease to exist.

What most people thought up till few weeks ago about digital remote actions – changed drastically – from Remote Yoga classes, medical advisory, kindergarten classes and many more.  While Zoom and similar technologies exists for many years now – all those seemed totally ridiculous to be used by most people few weeks ago.

Same goes to retailers & wholesale processes – We’ve met many retailers in past years which claimed that they do not want to move to digital processes just yet– since it works GREAT as it is, and they don’t need start the digital transformation that we were telling them about.     But now – they start to realize that the old world has changed forever and travel will not look the same for a long time now,  so they are all coming to us (and our partners) – with the very focused request – we need the showrooms that can help us sell remotely.

B2B remote commerce solutions

As a result of this hurricane – We got 500% more leads in past few weeks from new customers and it’s one of the signs that the revolution is indeed  happening – and it’s NOW ! In unbelievable pace.

To update even further – customers are closing deals way way faster – it’s a cruical need to work remotely and digitally.   And their business relies on it.   Even after few week in the Corona Era (which seems like a year…) – this gets even more intense…

ByondXR is here – so even though we’re not developing the vaccine to this cursed COVID-19 virus , we’re surely poised for helping retailers and wholesalers survive and continue operating (and growing!) their business.

Stay healthy, happy and optimistic.  History is writing itself in these days.

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