Customer Spotlight: How Caesarstone Is Using ByondXR’s 3D Visualizer to Transform Home Renovation

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Transforming the Home Renovation Experience… Again

Caesarstone, the global leader in engineered quartz surfaces, has been innovating and pushing the entire industry forward since 1987. The company was the first to use quartz as the main component in countertop surfaces. Its engineering team pioneered new sustainability standards, such as recycling 97% of the water used in the manufacturing process. Caesarstone even introduced the industry’s first widely available safety program (Masters of Stone).

And several years ago, the design team at Caesarstone innovated again: Using the industry’s leading 3D visualizer to help make the consumer’s home renovation experience more engaging and convenient than ever.

Here’s how Hagit Bartal Persky, Caesarstone’s Director of Global Digital Acceleration, explained her company’s decision to use the ByondXR space visualizer to help the company’s consumers around the world.


“Caesarstone chose ByondXR to create the best-in-class 3D visualization tool and quickly deploy it in multiple markets… to bring customers worldwide an interactive photorealistic experience that helps them make better decisions during the overwhelming process of space renovation.”

Hagit Bartal Persky

Director of Global Digital Acceleration, Caesarstone


In this post, we’ll review the top reasons this collaboration has proven so effective both for Caesarstone and for its customers – and why the company soon scaled its innovative 3D visualization tool from its US market launch to seven additional countries.


5 Reasons Caesarstone’s 3D Visualizer Has Proved So Effective

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1. Innovative 3D visualization technology

As Caesarstone’s Hagit Persky points out in the quote above, renovating a space is a challenging experience for consumers. Being able to browse countertops, cabinets, or floors on a brand’s website can help ease some of consumers’ confusion and sense of overwhelm. But manufacturers and retailers need to keep in mind that those visuals – typically flat, 2D images – can’t give home décor shoppers a true sense of what the products will look like in their own home environment.

Using ByondXR’s cutting-edge 3D visualization tool, Caesarstone has been able to help its customers and supporting designers visualize and customize their products in a highly realistic virtual environment.

This technology provides a photorealistic view of different materials, colors, and designs, making it easier for customers to make informed decisions without needing to visit a physical showroom. The immersive experience Caesarstone created with the ByondXR platform has significantly boosted customer engagement and conversion rates.


2. Enhanced customer experience

Caesarstone has used the ByondXR 3D space visualizer to revolutionize its customer experience.

As you can see from the image below, Caesarstone’s customers can mix and match products, colors, and surfaces, such as walls, countertops, backsplashes, flooring, and cabinets, in real-time. This interactive approach helps customers feel more confident in their choices and leads to higher satisfaction. All of those capabilities are seamlessly integrated and embedded into Caesarstone’s multiple sites worldwide – making it a natural part of the journey. 

The overall effect has been a user-friendly experience that simplifies the home renovation process, making it less stressful and more enjoyable.

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3. Content localization and global reach

As Hagit Perksy also noted in her quote, one of Caesarstone’s strategic goals in implementing a 3D space visualizer was to “quickly deploy it in multiple markets….” Caesarstone is a global company, after all.

One of the key reasons the company selected ByondXR was our platform’s global unique level of scalability and reach. ByondXR offers easy-to-implement content localization and an infrastructure capable of supporting new immersive experiences in any region of the world.

Caesarstone was able to quickly deploy localized versions of their 3D space visualizer in several markets, easily integrating multilingual and multi-region product catalogs.

In fact, in addition to helping the company provide a consistent and outstanding experience for its existing customers and design partners in various world regions, scaling its 3D visualizer to new countries has also helped Caesarstone capture a new demographic of global consumers.


4. Increased business performance

Leveraging ByondXR’s space visualizer has delivered tangible business results for Caesarstone.

The company has seen a significant boost to its leading KPIs, such as lead generation, and overall engagement time. Caesartone found, for example, that an overwhelming majority of its website visitors chose to activate the 3D space visualizer to view the company’s products in more lifelike and customizable detail. It has also played a significant role in prompting design discussions with prospective customers.


5. Strategic alignment with market trends

It’s also worth noting that this partnership has helped Caesarstone maintain a competitive edge in the market by staying ahead of digital transformation trends.

The ByondXR and Caesarstone collaboration helps the company remain a pioneer in meeting and exceeding consumer demands – in this case, the market’s growing demand for digital and virtual shopping experiences. By tapping into this trend, Caesarstone has positioned itself as a forward-thinking brand that meets the evolving needs of its customers.


Immersive Experience Technology Is Moving the Needle for Caesarstone (and Can for Your Brand Too)

To sum up: The key drivers of this years-long collaboration have been Caesarstone’s willingness to innovate, its clever uses of ByondXR’s 3D visualizer, a focus on always enhancing the customer experience, and their ability to quickly deploy these immersive experiences to new regions around the world.

To see what the company has accomplished with the ByondXR platform, check out our video demo of Caesarstone’s 3D visualizer.  


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