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What a (Browzwear) Night…  A great night, Hosted by Browzwear in FIT took place in NYC last week.  There we had the opportunity to join and present our partnership.
ByondXR allows the easy creation of virtual showrooms right off Browzwear VSticher exports.

Browzwear did well in arranging all customers together.   Was quite the busy night…

The main topic of discussion was, unsurprisingly, The Digital Transformation within Fashion Retail and all of their challanges there.
Notably, most people were interested in 3D Digital Transformation.

Lena Lim from Browzwear – was keynote speaker – giving her facinating view of the industry – with panel of disuinguished guests from all arround the fashion industry…

Byond presented there the collaboration taking place with Browzwear – and how the robust joint solutions from companies looks like.   The robust integration helps to take models built with Browzwear and utilize it across the organization – and get higher ROI for it.  Out from the production to the sell-in and even eCommerce parts of the business.

B&B will never mean the same thing again…

If you like to learn more of byond and our partnership with browzwear.  Contact us today.

Additional info on the partnership can be found here: https://browzwear.com/partners/byond/

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