Exciting ByondXR Update

In these challenging times, while we are all still adjusting to new realities that are
affecting us in many ways, something amazing is happening as well. Society,
individuals and many companies, are working to change and improve themselves,
and we are very happy to work with some leading apparel and interior design
companies, to help expedite their digital transformation.

Most companies have already realized the importance of shifting the physical
processes of their sale cycles to the online world, and with the eruption of Covid-19,
the digital transformation and virtual solution implementations became a top priority.

The forward-thinking executives who are reaching out to us these days are looking
not only for a solution to selling online during a time that no one travels, but to also
use this opportunity to evolve and transform, and to present new and improved
experiences for their clients that are suited for the world we live in today, and that
will top the experiences that were common for the last few decades.
Dozens of fashion, beauty and home décor companies have joined our platform the
past few weeks and I am happy to share some exciting news.

Noam Levavi
CEO, ByondXR

ByondXR Top Finalists at LVMH

Finalists at the LVMH Innovation Award

We were very proud to be chosen as one of the top startup finalists of the LVMH
prestigious award, selected from over 1200 retail-tech companies from around the
world. It was fun to work with such a professional team from LVMH and it gave us
great exposure and validation.

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Apparel Virtual Showroom

We are experiencing immense demands for our virtual showrooms solutions, which requires us to focus on the customers we can learn greatly from. One example of a customer that has greatly helped us tweak and improve our B2B Apparel Interactive Selling Boards and Virtual Showroom is Delta-Galil. They are a multinational apparel empire with many offices WW that reached out to us in order to virtually showcase their new collections in the best and most exciting way possible. The number of Delta Galil’s employees and buyers who use our platform is growing on a weekly basis – it grew more than 300% in past couple of months, and the feedbacks are great! The communication and collaboration between the designers, the sellers and the buyers is very close, easy and productive, when no one needs to meet in person and the whole selling process is done completely from remote.

Our New Interior Design Showroom

Our product is evolving all the time as well as our eco-system. I’m proud that my
team still manages (with all the load) to release new upgraded versions every
couple of weeks. This allows us to listen, learn and improve our tech and UX for our
customers. Some of the many capabilities we’ve introduced is enhanced 3D
interactive spaces that can be streamed in seconds to any web browsers. Users can
place and replace products like furnitures, tiles, walls and more within photo-realistic
spaces and visualize their home environments like never before.

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A Thought leader in the industry

In the past few weeks, we have carefully chosen the events to participate in, and I
was invited to be a speaker at a few important industry related events and podcasts.

I invite you to hear my vision for the retail world in 2 of the main events I participated

The New School - Retail Revolution podcast series

And one last note about our brand
If you were a bit confused about our company name recently, that is because we
officially added XR next to our original name Byond. Our formal and only name is
now ByondXR which we feel presents better who we are. At ByondXR we are
taking the XR world and applying them to retail, taking the experiences beyond what
we were used to so far.
As part of the change, we have also updated our website, and you can find on it
new videos, experiences and more. You are more than welcome to visit us at:
https://www.byondxr.com .
That’s it for today – if you made it util here – I salute you .
Please let me know if you have any questions, thoughts or requests, me and the
whole ByondXR team are at your service.

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