Garnier Color Home: A First-of-its-Kind Immersive Experience for L’Oréal

Garnier Color Home - Immersive Experience

Global Beauty-brand leader L’Oréal is a longtime client of the ByondXR Immersive Brand Engagement Platform. The company has used our technology and tools to create numerous engaging virtual experiences for its customers around the world.

And in early 2024, L’Oréal haircare brand Garnier used our tech platform to create and launch its first-ever AI-powered interactive virtual environment.


How Color Home’s AI-Powered Tools Help Consumers Find the Perfect Shade

With Garnier Color Home, the company wanted to create a virtual environment to deliver its customers a near-real interactive experience of visiting a Garnier location and working one-on-one with a professional colorist to try on various colors, learn about the science behind the company’s color formulas, and receiving tips for applying hair color.

So Garnier’s team used the cutting-edge tools available on the ByondXR tech platform to create just such an immersive experience. The Color Home virtual environment includes:


1. An AI-Powered Guide

The core to Garnier’s Color Home experience is Clara, an AI-powered brand ambassador who greets visitors and helps them select their preferred experience in the immersive environment. Clara offers, for example, to:

  • Take visitors through a guided tour through the six rooms of the Color Home experience (a Meet the Coaches room, a virtual space where visitors can use the Shade Finder to identify their perfect color, etc.)
  • Answer visitors’ questions such as how to find the right shade for their color match, how the company uses science to create its unique color formulas, or where to go for a Virtual Try-On (VTO) of various Garnier colors.

Guided Tour Garnier

2. A Virtual Try-On (VTO) Experience

Speaking of virtual try-on technology, Color Home allows visitors either to take a selfie within the immersive experience or upload a photo – and then uses that data to help them find their perfect color match.

The beautiful 3D try-on room also includes walls of existing color options consumers can choose from, as well as specific Garnier coloring products to explore.



3. Personal Coaching from AI-Powered Pro Colorists

Finally, the Meet the Coaches room lets consumers choose a specific AI-powered pro colorist to offer tips, step-by-step guidance on transforming their look, and offer specific product recommendations.

For example, if they select Claire – the color coach for brunettes – visitors can then choose from the various options Claire suggests: going lighter, making a bold transformation, etc. Claire will then send the visitor to the Color Home kitchen for further guidance based on their chosen goal.

Garnier Color Coach


Adding Even More Capabilities to the Color Home Immersive Experience

Color Home is already proving so popular that Garnier’s team is using the ByondXR tech platform to give its customers even more value in the immersive experience, including adding new capabilities and enhancing the user experience. And soon, the company will begin taking advantage of another capability in the ByondXR platform: using our intuitive content-localization tools to quickly customize and scale the experience for launches in new geographic regions.


See the Garnier Color Home immersive experience for yourself.

Then, let us show you how you can create something similar for your brand.


The home concept was designed by Iconic Retail

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