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Lacta’s Virtual Store: Evolving Retail Innovation from Brazil’s Top Chocolate Brand

Lacta’s Virtual Store: Evolving Retail Innovation from Brazil’s Top Chocolate Brand

Although immersive experiences like virtual stores are still relatively new in online retail, the verdict is already in on the tremendous benefits they can deliver for retailers. Shopify, for example, finds that when its merchants offer customers a 3D commerce experience, those sellers enjoy an average 94% boost in conversions. Today’s online shoppers want personalized, immersive experiences that they can control – not more 2D product catalogs and endless scrolling.

The forward-looking Mondelēz International – one of the world’s largest snack companies – was among the first CPG giants to recognize the potential of these engaging online experiences. So, the company used the industry’s most advanced Immersive Brand Engagement Platform to create an innovative online experience for customers: A virtual store within a store.

We’ll explain below how this retail innovation is exceeding Mondelēz’s goals for consumer engagement. But first, take a moment to view the end result.


Lacta’s Virtual Chocolate Store

Lacta Easter - Play Video

Mondelēz sells its Lacta product line – Brazil’s number-one chocolate brand – through several retailers around the world. But in the company’s home country, its primary partnership is with SuperMuffato, one of Brazil’s largest retail chains.

And because Mondelēz didn’t want Lacta to be just another product line in the crowded “chocolate” category on the SuperMuffato site, their team used ByondXR’s platform to create a unique immersive experience that would make Lacta stand out on

With the ByondXR platform, the team created a beautiful 3D space displaying near-lifelike renderings of Lacta’s chocolate products, where consumers can navigate the store as if walking through it, get true perspectives of each packaged chocolate’s shape and size, and even play a word-search game while in the store.

The immersive experience proved so engaging and added such value to the SuperMuffato eCommerce store itself that the retail chain added the Lacta experience to the very top of its store’s home page, as you can see here.


Lacta Easter - Immersive Experience

The Virtual Store’s Key Benefits for Lacta and Mondelēz (and Their Customers)


1. Earning valuable real estate on

 We noted above that Lacta’s unique immersive experience not only sets the brand apart from other chocolate products on the SuperMuffato eCommerce website but has also proven to be fun and engaging enough to be a value-add for the retail chain’s website as a whole.

 As a result, SuperMuffato has given Mondelēz one of its most prominent pieces of digital real estate – a large, colorful banner ad on its homepage – to promote the Lacta virtual chocolate store. That means the enormous number of customers visiting SuperMuffato’s eCommerce site each month will encounter the Lacta brand as soon as they reach the homepage.


2. Updating their immersive experience for every season.

 In March 2024, Mondelēz launched its fifth iteration of the Lacta Virtual Chocolate Store (and its third on the SuperMuffato store) – just in time for Easter. Because the ByondXR tech platform is so intuitive and flexible, the company was able to quickly build the experience once and then easily update it repeatedly to match the current season.

 You can see, for example, the similarities between the Easter edition and Lacta’s Virtual Christmas Chocolate Store. The virtual store’s infrastructure allows Lacta to leverage much of the original experience it created while making it easy to customize for the current holiday or occasion.


3. Enabling easy integration with SuperMuffato’s consumer’s journey .

Using the integration and API capabilities of the ByondXR platform, the ByondXR and Lacta team was able to easily integrate their immersive experience into SuperMuffato’s existing eCommerce website and infrastructure.

 For example, the Lacta Virtual Chocolate Store syncs with SuperMuffato’s inventory management system and shopping cart experience. That means when consumers visiting the virtual store add a particular Lacta product to their shopping cart, it becomes part of their overall cart during their SuperMuffato shopping experience.

 When they select a quantity for those Lacta chocolate products, the SuperMuffato inventory system will check in real-time to make sure the store has enough stock to fulfill the order – based on the delivery or store-pickup location the shopper selects.


Your Brand Can Realize the Awesome Benefits of a Virtual Store

 As we noted above, the Mondelēz team was able to create, manage, and scale their virtual chocolate store for SuperMuffato quickly and easily – because they used the right technology platform from the right partner.

 And today, after modifying this experience for a new season – to capture the spike in demand for Easter chocolates – the company is enjoying positive consumer feedback, engagement rates, and other key success metrics that go well beyond their goals for this virtual store.

 If you’re looking to realize similar gains in customer engagement, loyalty, and sales, it might be time to take a look at the ByondXR Immersive Brand Engagement Platform.

 First, if you haven’t already, check out the wildly successful Lacta Virtual Chocolate Store.

 Then let us show you how we can help you create something similar for your brand.