Lancôme & ByondXR: Revolutionizing eCommerce with 3D Virtual Experiences

We have been building the ByondXR platform since 2015, anticipating the major
shift towards online shopping. We could not have guessed it would happen so fast!
2020 and Covid-19 brought the momentum and we were lucky enough to be at the
right place and time, with the best technology available.

The acceleration to digital has proved to be useful to many brands and retailers who
have embraced new technology to survive and thrive amid the global pandemic.
Companies are changing business processes, realizing that operating in the digital
realm is actually expediting productivity, shortening time to market, bringing new
ways to engage customers remotely and realizing that all these new lean digital
operations are here to stay.

ByondXR will continue to evolve and partner with our clients to adapt and prevail
with the power of technology, innovation, and collaboration. We are looking forward
to reporting from the frontline, and sharing our successes in the ever evolving

This month’s newsletter is EXTRA SPECIAL. For the first time, ByondXR is thrilled
to share amazing data and key results from some of our clients. Enjoy, and we look
forward to an amazing 2021 and beyond.

Noam Levavi
CEO, ByondXR

Lancôme Virtual Pop-up Stores

“Working with ByondXR, we have discovered a team of talented, relentless
professionals with a “can-do” attitude who managed to execute and launch our
experiences beautifully and quickly. These virtual pop-ups have shown great value
in terms of audience engagement and sales.”

Malik Abu-Ghazaleh, Global Head of Digital Marketing, eCommerce and CRM at

One of our more exciting strategic collaborations is with luxury French cosmetics

and perfume house Lancôme. It is the first time in the retail world that a photo-
realistic store environment is used for shopping, available to anyone online.

Customers can browse the entire store, explore products and simply add to cart.
Lancôme launched its remarkable flagship virtual store, rendered after their new
Parisian flagship at 52 avenue des Champs-Elysée, using ByondXR’s platform for
the creation and management. Following the outstanding success, Lancôme has
moved forward in the creation of additional virtual pop-up stores in major
international markets. To date, ByondXR has helped Lancôme launch their first five
virtual store experiences, with many more to come this year.

Target’s Virtual Merchandising

The ByondXR collaboration with Target started as part of their global Accelerator program 6 months ago.

Together, we are developing solutions that are reshaping
the way merchandising and planogramming is executed at large retail chains.

Following the success of the initial project, Target and ByondXR are expanding our
collaboration to additional departments. At this time we are not able to disclose too
much, but we invite you to stay tuned for an exciting announcement later this year.
We did want to share a sneak peek with you!

The following video was presented by Target on a special market demo day.

New Product Updates

In this ever evolving climate, visibility and ROI are crucial components for our clients
and their success. Retailers must keep up with technological advancements, and
ByondXR is continuously working to stay one step ahead when it comes to online
retail experiences and eCommerce.
We are delighted to share our new feature updates that will elevate our customer’s
virtual stores and showrooms.

Gamified Shopping
Simply put, this new set of gamified features that has proven over the past 6 months
to be a brilliant way to add excitement, increase end-customers engagement, form a
stronger connection with the brand and increase conversions. Used initially for
Lancôme, this feature includes different hidden games such as questionnaires,
quizzes and treasure hunts that can be incorporated in a user’s journey and can be
applied to any experience.

Lancôme Australia just launched a Génifique pop-up store experience with an
embed “droplet game” that has significantly increased engagement and conversion.

Clients Use-Cases

The advancement in ByondXR’s virtual solutions has been exemplified by
staggering client reports, presenting the overall value and return on investment. Our
clients recorded between 250% to 300% increased engagement and longer
customer sessions. The reports also show a significant increase of more than
50% in conversions, and more than 45% of the viewers were prone to register
as new customers, thus forming stronger brand connection and loyalty. Overall, the
customer experience has proven to be a remarkable success.

The sky’s the limit and we look forward towards the future.

ByondXR has become the market leader for Virtual 3D retail experiences and we look forward to partnering with our clients in the ever changing world of retail and eCommerce.

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