Mitsubishi Reimagined with 3D showrooms + ByondXR on Fox News

The retail industry has surprised us all, breaking new records in 2020 which no one expected.  According to NRF, the worlds’ largest retail trade association, the overall U.S retail sales grew by an impressive 6.7% in one year, which tops the previous record set in 2004, of 6.3%.  Importantly, 2020 online sales have skyrocketed to almost double their percent of total retail sales.

I’m excited to see this dramatic growth, accelerated adoption and valuable opportunities for new technological innovations. This year, retail sales are expected to continue to smash even more records and grow by 7% – 8%.

As for us at ByondXR, we’ve expanded our partnerships in APAC with new partners and clients. Our work with Mitsubishi in Japan last year has been such an overriding success that the international corporation has extended from the Apparel division to their Electronic Products, proving there is no limit to virtual showrooms’ potential.

At ByondXR, we help retailers to disrupt eCommerce in the form of virtual online shopping experiences. We feel that our work has never been more significant and we are excited about each and every customer.

I am happy to take you on this journey with us, highlight our triumphs, and discuss the future.



Noam Levavi

CEO, ByondXR


Mitsubishi’s “cooler” virtual showrooms

Our partnership with Mitsubishi has gone from strength to strength as the international corporation has expanded their adoption of our virtual showrooms into other areas of business. Having started with their fashion showrooms, other stakeholders at Mitsubishi saw the potential in creating a virtual showroom to display their air conditioning units.


ByondXR designed a virtual, life-like space with interactive elements displaying the latest units, videos, and product details, along with a photo-realistic living room to showcase what the air conditioning units would look like in home environments


Gina Larrea, Residential Sales at Mitsubishi Electric said, “Seeing the ByondXR team in action was truly impressive. They took on challenges in an industry that was not familiar to them and managed to execute my vision efficiently and in a timely manner. We see a tremendous value in providing a seamless interactive experience to our stakeholders and ByondXR made it happen in the best way possible.”


After witnessing the value and overall success, Mitsubishi extended the partnership with ByondXR to design showrooms for other sectors within their corporation. Our new experiences will soon be revealed.

You can read more about it in our most recent blog post about our collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric.

ByondXR on Fox Business News

Our CEO Noam Levavi, was invited on Fox Business News show Mornings With Maria to discuss the rise of virtual showrooms and the boundless value they bring to businesses. Showcasing the Lancôme virtual store, Noam explained to host Maria Bartiromo that the pandemic made it impossible for retailers to rely on physical environments and that e-commerce really has not changed in the last two decades. ByondXR identified the industry changes needed, and got to work. Through ByondXR’s 3D virtual solutions, brands and their products could be presented in an immersive and imaginative way that boosts conversion rates and generates further consumer interest.


You can see the full interview (5 minutes) here


Additionally, you can read our most recent media articles on our brand new Newsroom

New Product Updates

Our XR boards have undergone major upgrades to stay competitive and provide an edge for our clients. The new additions offers larger boards with faster loading speeds and overall improved performance, and our new content management features are simpler to navigate.   It is a real game changer in terms of enhanced productivity and brings a new working paradigm into retailers reality.


For presentations, our showroom boards are now fully presentable in 3D. Not only does this exciting new feature bring product lines to life and allow for full, 360 interaction, but it is also unique to ByondXR, making it one of our key competitive differentiators.


This is an incredibly exciting time for ByondXR. As drivers for the digital transformation of retail, we are revolutionizing consumer experience and designing programs that make virtual stores and showrooms the customer’s preferred way to shop. After gaining momentum, we are constantly growing, moving into bigger projects and striving to stay on top of the industry competition.

We encourage you to visit our updated website here and follow all the recent updates on social media.


Keep your eyes peeled, big things are coming!

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