P&G lifelab virtual tour

P&G creates new virtual showroom for their lifelab mega booth at CES2020

ByondXR have a long lasting relationship which start in beginning of 2019 on few immersive projects on consumer experiences.

As part of this productive collaboration, P&G decided to build a cross-domain Virtual showroom & booth tour – where they launced some of their newest and coolest  products at recent CES 2020 (Consumer Electronics Shows – the biggest yearly consumer show taking place in Las-Vegas) – products such as heated Gillete Razor, Airia air freshener and more.

This group of brands is named LifeLab and a specific website was built for it and launched during CES2020.

Lifelab website

ByondXR came into this whole program to create a live virtual tour for those who did attend CES or just those which want to get an aggergate store view through few of P&G new products.

The booth tour was transformed into a huge virtual showroom -where consumers can see exactly how the booth looked like, walk as if they were really there interact with media, products and even buy them .
P&G were and still are very proud at their big CES2020 booth and wanted to share the message on that booth to the whole world.   The experience was launched quickly right at CES2020 itself – after few weeks of work from getting the booth planning and media.  Utilizing ByondXR Immersive Commerce Platform

P&G Lifelab Virtual Tour by ByondXR

The lifelab virtual tour experience allows users to wander around the booth, where the guide that takes you through each and every zone is no other than Phil Duncan – Chief Design Officer of P&G who is the senior executive that is also responsible for the whole booth experience – both physical and digital.

The experience is very engaging, was launched in CES event itself and since then holds a very high engagement average – with every visitor wandering around few long minutes and playing with many of the videos/items there.

P&G harnessed ByondXR’s Immersive Platform unique capabilities to build this virtual tour quickly in record time, just for the show,  continue update it throughout the show with real time content, and monitor the usage and behaviour of the crowds in it all along.

Revolutionary Gillete - Live Virtual Tour

One of the important features in the experience is the ability to walk around, see items as seen in the booth – but also see them in AR next to you – like the new revolutionary Gillete

The tour has a VR version which is fully imersive and lets people recrecate the full experience of navigating throuhg the booh – but less croweded 🙂

“It’s truely a mark of our great relationship with P&G teams and the trust they put in us to build such an important tour at this short timeframe” said Noam Levavi, CEO of ByondXR.

P&G and ByondXR are working on few more cool projects together, more updates on that to follow…

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