Showcasing as finalists in LVMH Innovation Awards

We are proud and humbled to share that ByondXR has been selected as finalists at the LVMH Innovation Awards 2020!

LVMH group – Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy – is a French multinational corporation and conglomerate specializing in luxury goods, headquartered in Paris, France. By all standards, it is the biggest apparel-luxury retailer in the world.

The LVMH group created the LVMH Innovation Award, which was designed to reveal and recognize the most innovative and relevant startup in the field of customer experience each year, and is considered the most prestigious startup contest in the Retail-Tech industry.

According to LVMH, today more than ever, the Group is determined to pursue its commitments towards innovation and the international startup ecosystem.

Each year, the finalists are invited to Paris to pitch and to become a significant part of the LVMH experience during the prestigious Viva Tech Conference. Viva Tech brings together the game changers who are driving the digital transformation around the world.

ByondXR was selected this year as a finalist, out of companies from 73 different countries that applied, for the solution it offers to wholesalers retailers and brands to transform their physical showrooms into virtual ones, allowing them to continue selling, even under covid-19 restrictions.

In other times, the CEO’s of the finalist companies, would have been spending their week in Paris. But this year, the contest was held under a new format due to obvious reasons.

LVMH turned the pitch contest into a show, making it available for the first time in its history, to anyone around the world to experience together, from the comfort of their home.

Our CEO, Noam Levavi, and the other CEO’s, gathered together online and were filmed by LVMH in one long shot, using the 30 cameras in each of their offices and homes.

The 1 min pitches were aired earlier this week on LVMH’s homepage, which gets over 250,000 views each month.

The show went very well, and the honor of presenting is immense.  We are looking forward to hearing about the winner at the announcement next week. But in the meanwhile – we are not stopping, we are moving on to the next challenge and making every customer interaction a success.

And here’s a special Bonus for our blog followers: Here’s Noam in action behind the (messy 😉 scenes of the pitch, filmed by our team and recorded by LVMH at ByondXR offices.

Noam Levavi CEO of ByondXR talking about virtual 3d stores

Noam’s pitch at the LVMH Innovation Awards:

Hi, I’m Noam Levavi, co-founder and CEO at ByondXR, founded in 2016 in Tel Aviv.

The retail and wholesale industry is still very physical.

Buyers traveling from around the world to showrooms, and samples are produced and shipped overseas. These high and expensive procedures hold back a great amount of locked revenues.

Especially today…

ByondXR brings the best prosperities of the physical world into the online world, creating a perfect harmony between the two.
We empower brands and retailers to engage their clients by simulating their stores and showrooms, in extremely realistic 3D environments, live, on any device.
For the first time, fixtures and products can be dynamically placed and replaced in virtual environments, blended in perfectly, all driven automatically from catalogs.
We are honored to already be working with fortune 500 brands to help them make the shift into the post Covid-19 world.

Thank you.

The ByondXR page in the LVMH award site can be found here

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