The Future of Home Décor: The Rise of Visualizers

Home Decor Visualizer

Why You Need a Home Décor Visualizer Now

If we were writing this blog five or six years ago, when ByondXR was just beginning to implement our 3d visualizer for home décor brands, we would be telling you that you could become one of the few companies leveraging this new capability to give your customers an eCommerce experience that almost none of your competitors were offering.

Today, the big benefits of deploying a home décor visualizer are at least as significant as they were back then. As we’ll explain below, with evidence, retailers and manufacturers that enhance their eCommerce sites with visualizers, see better consumer engagement on their products’ websites, more purchases, and fewer returns.

But our message to your brand today is a little different – and, unfortunately, more urgent. More home décor brands each year are implementing 3D visualizer technologies, and that means an ever-growing percentage of your customers will expect to see these features on your site. If they don’t, they might seek out a retailer that does offer them a 3D visualizer for their products.

Bottom line: If you want to keep pace with your industry and keep your revenues increasing – whether you’re selling home furniture, countertops, tiles, cabinets, or other home décor products – you need to give consumers the ability to visualize what your products will look like in their spaces.

That’s the unfortunate news. Because so many of your competitors are adding visualizer solutions to their home décor retail sites, you’re playing a game of catchup here – or, at best, a game of keep-up.

But the good news is that keeping up doesn’t need to be a difficult or slow process at all. If you use the right home décor visualizer backed by the right technology partner, you’ll find that your brand can be up and running very quickly. And the great news is that you’ll begin enjoying these business-building benefits as well.

4 Benefits of the Right Home Décor Visualizer

1. You’ll enhance consumer engagement and confidence.

Buying a big-ticket item online, like your bedroom set or outdoor patio furniture, can feel like a big risk to a consumer who can’t first visualize what those items will look and feel like in their own environment.

Online shoppers want as much information about your products as they can find to help them make their decisions. That helps explain the recent research, cited in Home News Now, that 82% of visitors to furniture product pages activate the 3D view, if the retailer has one.

The right home décor visualizer, in fact, goes beyond the standard 3D tool and engages consumers by transforming the online shopping experience from a passive activity (just viewing your product out of context) to something far more interactive – where they can digitally place your product into their own home and see what the new space looks like.

And that leads us to one of the biggest advantages you’ll gain from implementing a visualizer for your home décor retail site: Consumers will spend more time interacting with your products and will be more likely to have the confidence to buy.

A study published by Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management found that customers able to augment their online shopping experience using a visualizer spent 20% more browsing, viewed 30% more products, and were almost 20% more likely to make a purchase.


2. You’ll drive more conversions and boost revenue.

Here’s the stat that, all by itself, should persuade you to implement an augmented reality-based home décor visualizer.

Harvard Business Review published a study recently examining the behaviors of more than 160,000 consumers using their smartphones to shop for a variety of products over more than a year and a half.

One of the key findings was that consumers using augmented reality tools were 19.8% more likely to make a purchase than those who didn’t use AR and 3D visualization to view products.

Allowing your customers to see what your home décor products would look like in their homes has been demonstrated to boost sales.

Home Decor Visualizer

3. You’ll reduce the rate of costly product returns.

As you know, furniture returns can be costlier and more challenging than returns for products in almost any other industry. That’s why any solutions that can help your company minimize product returns can have an outsized benefit on your bottom line.

A recent study by Snapchat found that 66% of shoppers who use augmented reality tools are less likely to return their purchases.


4. You’ll increase the size of your average customers’ shopping cart.

We’ve already made the case that empowering customers to visualize your products in their own home environment helps them feel far more comfortable buying from your eCommerce site. Now consider that the right home décor visualizer makes it easy for customers to to mix and match various items in your product catalog as they’re building out the visualization of what their space could look like.

When they’ve digitally dropped a vivid 3D rendering of your couch into their living room, for example, they might notice that you also have a coffee table that complements that couch perfectly. As they sample your various countertop styles and colors, they might also want to see what your cabinet doors would look like alongside those counters in their kitchen. 

This easy mix-and-match capability is one reason that the right visualizer helps brands and retailers significantly boost shopping-cart sizes and increase their average sale amount.   


5. You’ll be able to scale your visualizer for regions around the world.

Finally, when you see your home décor visualizer delivering these business-building results, you’ll want to make it available to customers in the other parts of the world where your brand sells its products.

Fortunately, with the right visualizer, you’ll be able to scale these experiences for your international consumers quickly and easily.

One of ByondXR’s longtime home décor customers, for example, is the world-renowned quartz-countertop maker Caesarstone.

After experiencing such a significant boost in engagement, conversions, and revenue increases with ByondXR’s visualizer on their US-based retail site, Caesarstone used our intuitive platform’s content localization and other features to quickly scale their 3D visualization capabilities to the company’s eCommerce websites in eight countries around the world.

To see what the company has accomplished with ByondXR, check out our video demo of Caesarstone’s home décor visualizer.  


Conclusion: A Home Décor Visualizer Is Now a Must-Have

Integrating a home décor visualizer into your eCommerce strategy is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. As the industry rapidly evolves, staying ahead means offering your customers an interactive, engaging shopping experience that not only boosts their confidence but also drives conversions and reduces returns. The creation costs and efforts are lowering the entry bar constantly.

With the right technology partner, implementing and scaling a visualizer is seamless, ensuring your brand remains competitive and your customers satisfied. Start transforming your online presence today and watch your brand’s engagement and revenue soar. Let’s talk about what we can do for your brand.