Virtual showroom importance in the age of Corona

A new reality is upon us.

The Physical showrooms – which used to be the “crown-jewel” at the wholesaler and retailer head offices – have lost some of their glamour and are becoming relics of the past, or even financial burdens.

The showroom today is part of the brand’s core identity and strength, but what is going to happen in the coming years – when arriving physically at the showroom has become something risky or undesired?

The answer leads to the digital transformation that showrooms are now undergoing. It’s not enough to just have a B2B online catalog anymore. The selling atmosphere and brand story cannot be told properly in that manner. The customers want to see and feel the brand with an experience as lively and real as possible.
Only by making the virtual showroom truly interactive and immersive will they be able to compensate for the absence of physical presence… 

virtual store tour

Corona-Virus is still here, and we need to live with it for next few months.  But the impact – social, behavioral, and more, will likely stay much longer… 
And this is what customers will want – businesses understand that even if physical is key – the preferences of the people are changing. Remote access to experiences is no longer a compromise – it will become the safer, simple option.  At the same time, customers will expect their digital experience to become more and more immersive and real through 3D, interactive life-like engagements, and also VR in the future.

At ByondXR – we focus solely on providing the best possible virtual showroom – one that will help wholesalers and retails retain their edge and tell their brand story. 

This combination of unmatched visual levels with a robust and dynamic back end creates a power combination which is as simple as it is extensive.  

Virtual showroom

Our “chant” to retailers over a year now for remote digital selling has become the critical tech needed to survive or even thrive after COVID-19 – As mentioned in this article from Fortune. And indeed, we see brands that are urgently looking to go digital without the hassle of big and complex system deployments.   

The world will be slowly recovering from the COVID-19 Pandemic trauma. But what will remain is the alternative way of doing business. The buyer preferences will change, the ability to self-service browse through the brands showroom, and get the story purchase from a visual and immersive catalog. And while immersive technologies evolve – so consumer will want to see the items from the showroom next to them in Augmented Reality (AR)  or perhaps even use a Virtual Reality (VR) headset for the option of really being in the showroom. It’s already starting to happen and will happen even more in the future.

It’s the (sad) truth – face to face interactions are important, but not as it used to be…   Social distancing and remote working is the trend for at least the next few years (if not forever…) 

ByondXR will be here. Our solutions are already providing all those options for the brands today. We are ready for this new future. Contact us and let us take you Byond…

Stay healthy, happy and optimistic. 

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