New era of visual Merchandising in Calvin Klein

CALVIN KLEIN ASIA introduces ByondXR Virtual Merchandising Solution, which is accessible in few countries – Helping CK staff see the store for the first time in true 3D CGI – get all merchandising directives visually and with that better plan the new collections in the store.

ByondXR offers a fresh approach to retail sales with the launch of a revolutionary new solution for PVH Asia. This Fall, the company unveiled a full 3D store simulation of the Calvin Klein Performance (CKP) stores and inventory.

The store simulation experience allows CKP to share guidelines and creative direction with store managers around Asia. The solution helps to set-up and organize stores quickly and effectively while keeping brand consistency. The store managers use their ipads to access a 360 virtual tour of their store, viewing each garment and accessory at their exact place in the store and learning through reviewing the product information.

Through BYONDXR’s innovative virtual experience, CKP teams have been able to share the Web simulated store experience to merchandisers, store managers and other stakeholders, inviting them to enter into an interactive 3D virtual tour. Populated with the newest CKP collections and inspirations, visitors can view the new styles, inspect every product and watch all training and other related videos.   The solution is based on Byonds proven “Immersive Commerce Platform” which is robust, multi-lingual, highly-available and performant cloud platform.

“CK was the perfect partner to work with. collaborating with this smart innovative team as design partners, helped us built a first-of-its-kind solution. With the 3D store simulation, CKP take visual merchandising to a new era. They can instantly share virtual store environments, displaying hundreds of products, and remotely train store managers in various countries, simultaneously.” said Noam Levavi, ByondXR’ CEO.

Virtual Merchandising Solution

Unlike existing solutions, such as, sharing PDFs and photos, Byond’s real-time publishing technology brings the best tool to Visual Merchandising (VM) teams to virtually arrange store layouts, assortments and products, while continuously updating the store look.  ByondXR unique 3D optimization engine allows any smartphone or tablet to run the immersive 3D tour experience using a regular web browser with no App download required.

“We rolled out the ByondXR immersive visualization solution for all of our VM teams across Asia. Now we can instantly share new guidelines and creative direction in different languages without changing the way of work from the ground up,” commented Mariano Santana- Director of Merchandising for Calvin Klein Asia.

Mariano added, “More over, with the ByondXR immersive commerce platform analytics, I can track any aspect of the usage in our new offering – from session length to specific product details.”

ByondXR and CKP plan to rollout this virtual experience to additional brands, stores and regions next year.

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