NRF Retail Big Show 2022 Wrap-up

Surprising to no one, the start-up corner was the busiest one on the show. We've had a lot of traffic with brands and businesses from from all over the world coming to us for all the right answers about the Metaverse and immersive virtual experiences.

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Top 10 best retail cases of the show

The word on everyone’s mind throughout the show was obviously Metaverse. ByondXR attracted a lot of attention from the visitors and rightfully so. Our immersive commerce platform provides the building blocks that are the entry points to the Metaverse. We’ve presented our expertise yet again by showcasing our most recent successes that include launches with Armani Fragrance, a first-ever dermatology virtual store with Lancer Skincare, a first-ever chocolate virtual store with Mondelez for Lacta Brazil, and so much more. We wrapped up the show on the list of best retail cases created by the LBMA.

Leading platform with the newest technologies 

Our biggest takeaway from the show was that new tech is king. Brands and businesses were eager to see what the Startup Zone has to offer and we were there to pave the way.

“I was absolutely delighted to see that brands are the most interested in the technologies that can bring their business to the next level and that they come to ByondXR for all the right answers about the phygital future of retail and the place eCommerce will take in the Metaverse“- Marc Loeb, head of Global Sales at ByondXR.

Immersive internet will shape our future and what opportunities it holds for brands, as told by Emma Chiu, Intelligence Director at Wunderman Thompson, while only 38% of global consumers may have heard of the term ‘metaverse,’ digital is redefining consumer/brand relationships: 62% of consumers say they feel closer when interacting with a brand digitally; 66% prefer to engage with brands digitally; 73% find it easier to interact with brands with a digital presence; and 85% believe digital presence will be essential for a brand to be successful in the future. The time is now to define what the metaverse is and establish a roadmap for brands’ entry, and ByondXR is the platform that can accelerate that journey!

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