CES and what we learnt on immersive experiences

CES - VR Shopping Store

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Now that CES has ended and the dust has settled it’s time to summarize and evaluate what the event meant for the AR/VR industry and to Byond specifically.

The State of VR/AR – A lot to look for…

At CES 2018, we have certainly seen the future roadmap of the AR/VR industry. We’ve seen VIVE Pro, Lenovo Mirage, Xiaomi with Oculus Go, and Pimax 8K HMD hardware OEMs announcing their roadmaps. Especially at Eureka Park in Sands Expo there were interesting peripheral VR technologies such as a mobile 3D scanner for face and hand controllers.
Byond Immersive Suite in Israel Pavilion stood out from the pack, delivering a scalable and flexible solution that is capable of embracing all the above hardware and technologies.

It was noticeable that there was a high level of interest in Byond from Asian tier-one brands and technology solutions providers. There is still a great level of excitement and premiums on AR/VR content and strong desires to be able to create AR/VR content on a regular basis for online or offline market promotions and internal training purposes.

For example, DNP, one of the largest traditional package-printing company in Japan,found Byond Immersive Suite to be a future business opportunity extending their current business model. Don Marinelli, a Director of Innovation from Inven Global (a subsidary of Inven Media, a dominating eSports and Game Media in Korea), wanted to immediately find a use case for their

upcoming eSport event broadcasting and landing page using Byond.

CES - ByondXR Immersive Experience

Byond CES…

This CES has been very busy and successful. With booths and presence both in the Israeli Export Institute and In Turner-Sports – Byond got hundreds of visitors due the event and got some very good validations to the relevant directions.

One things that strikes out is that that brands and enterprises do not think that AR/VR is a fad or some periodic gimmick – but rather an important industry trend which is gradually evolving and permeating every part of the industry. So, while not all are actively doing something now in VR/AR – all are starting to plan their steps in this immersive new world – which is something that cannot be overlooked.

CES - ByondXR

All in all it was great fun at Las-Vegas!
See you at the next event (MWC Barcelona here we come…)

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