5 Things Every Brand Should Know About Gen Z Consumers

GenZ girl

Meet Your Brand’s New Largest Consumer Group If you’re responsible for any aspect of your company’s sales, marketing, or customer experience efforts, you’re no doubt keeping an eye on Gen Z, the up-and-coming generation whose older members began entering adulthood and the working world in the last few years. You might know that these young […]

Engaging with LEGO® in Multimarket Experiences

Discover how ByondXR and LEGO® are reshaping digital engagement through innovative virtual experiences. Dive into our recent project with Lego, where gamification, personalization, and scalable technology combine to expand the realm of immersive customer engagement.

How AI is Transforming the Retail Buying Experience

Modern retail buying experiences are driven by advanced algorithms that look at more than just the demographic your business is selling to. These algorithms analyze and use the unique traits of your audience to offer more personalized shopping experiences that guarantee a better user experience and return customers. These algorithms are commonly described as AI, […]

From Behavioral Data to Personalization

In a world craving tailored experiences, leveraging behavioral data is paramount, but with it comes the challenge of balancing user trust and innovative adventures. The journey takes businesses from refining raw insights to crafting profoundly personalized virtual realms, always prioritizing responsible data custodianship.

Data-driven UX Optimization in 3D Spaces

As the world increasingly leans into virtual realms, one cannot overlook the wealth of information buried within the digital footsteps of users. Analyzing user behavior in a 3D environment brings both challenges and opportunities.

NRF Retail Big Show 2022 Wrap-up

Surprising to no one, the start-up corner was the busiest one on the show. We’ve had a lot of traffic with brands and businesses from from all over the world coming to us for all the right answers about the Metaverse and immersive virtual experiences.

To The Metaverse and B[e]yond

With all the buzz and hype the Metaverse is getting these days, ByondXR CTO Eran Galil gets reminiscent of the journey we’ve had so far and unravels how tech companies like ByondXR are Metaverse natives, and have been for over at least six years now. In this article he talks about the beginning, the adaptation, the coming of age, and the place we take in the Metaverse.

Mitsubishi Reimagined with 3D showrooms + ByondXR on Fox News

The retail industry has surprised us all, breaking new records in 2020 which no one expected.  According to NRF, the worlds’ largest retail trade association, the overall U.S retail sales grew by an impressive 6.7% in one year, which tops the previous record set in 2004, of 6.3%.  Importantly, 2020 online sales have skyrocketed to almost […]