Scalability: One of the Most Important Features of a Virtual Store

Scaling for a New Era Both the real economy and the financial system are in a destabilizing phase. First, it was the pandemic that has changed many things about business as we once knew it, ushering in a new era of hybrid and remote workforce models along with an e-commerce and virtual retail boom. The […]

ByondXR develops Metaverse Showrooms with VNTANA

ByondXR partners with VNTANA VNTANA, the industry leader in 3D eCommerce technology partners with ByondXR, in another step towards the metaverse. The partnership is founded on an integration of VNTANA’s 3D CMS technology, allowing ByondXR customers to create interactive 3D virtual showrooms instantly from existing design files. Bring Your Virtual Showroom to the Metaverse Before […]

Metaverse Solutions and Development Advances

Meta (formerly Facebook) has partnered with Israeli digital marketing company Yellowhead to establish the Meta Startup Hub. The company provides a metaverse (virtual reality space) platform and supports the human resources development and business development of companies in order to utilize the platform.  In the midst of these movements, Israeli companies are also developing their […]

Evolution of virtual stores

Top retailers are leading the future of retail with these virtual shopping examples. In the age of the pandemic, e-commerce is king. In the last two years, retail has taken a dramatic leap into the digital space, offering consumers an accessible, immersive, and seamless way of purchasing products and taking part in new customer experiences. […]

How The Digital Transformation Was Accelerated in 2020 and Why it is Here to Stay

In the last decade, the adoption of digital technologies has been moving forward at a steady pace. Retail business executives recognized the need to modernize their strategy, but they were also hesitant to invest before seeing actual proof of success. While the delivery of value to consumers was among the key drivers of the digital […]

Mitsubishi Electric’s Virtual Showroom is paving the way to New Revenue Streams

In a time where e-commerce has boomed, and retailers and manufacturers are finding the fastest ways to deliver goods, consumers are becoming increasingly impatient and are unwilling to wait more than a few days to receive their packages. As 2020 sparked more digital transformations than ever before, consumer demands for instant gratification significantly increased. Meetings […]

The New Virtual Showroom

Selling for Interior Design in the New Normal The Interior design scene has been working the same way for years. Using physical products which need to be placed and touched and viewed in a real setting in order to make a purchasing decision. These products cost money in a variety of ways, from the outright cost of […]

P&G lifelab virtual tour

P&G creates new virtual showroom for their lifelab mega booth at CES2020 ByondXR have a long lasting relationship which start in beginning of 2019 on few immersive projects on consumer experiences. As part of this productive collaboration, P&G decided to build a cross-domain Virtual showroom & booth tour – where they launced some of their […]

New era of visual Merchandising in Calvin Klein

CALVIN KLEIN ASIA introduces ByondXR Virtual Merchandising Solution, which is accessible in few countries – Helping CK staff see the store for the first time in true 3D CGI – get all merchandising directives visually and with that better plan the new collections in the store. ByondXR offers a fresh approach to retail sales with […]

Getting peak engagement and conversion in “Be” by Sufersal

Technology gave us the opportunity to buy products online, a comfortable option to remotely pick your desired product and get it delivered to your doorstep.  So, what’s left in order to enjoy your new purchase and mark it as a good shopping experience? – opening your package and seeing that it is exactly what you’ve […]