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Caesarstone & ByondXR A New Era of Home-Décor Visualizers

As millions of people were ordered to stay at home while COVID-19 resulted in a total shutdown, there was a boom in home renovations and DIY projects. As they became the center of everyone’s lives, the desire to improve the space they had was amplified tenfold. According to home remodeling platforms, there was a 58% […]

Virtual showroom importance in the age of Corona

A new reality is upon us. The Physical showrooms – which used to be the “crown-jewel” at the wholesaler and retailer head offices – have lost some of their glamour and are becoming relics of the past, or even financial burdens. The showroom today is part of the brand’s core identity and strength, but what […]

Remote commerce opportunities in the Corona Era

Like majority of companies around the globe, enterprises and startups alike – Coronavirus has been affecting us significantly at ByondXR, but not like you’d think it did. When it started initially – was like a remote gust of wind – our clients in China & Hong-Kong started to work from home.  It seemed still far […]

P&G lifelab virtual tour

P&G creates new virtual showroom for their lifelab mega booth at CES2020 ByondXR have a long lasting relationship which start in beginning of 2019 on few immersive projects on consumer experiences. As part of this productive collaboration, P&G decided to build a cross-domain Virtual showroom & booth tour – where they launced some of their […]

Getting peak engagement and conversion in “Be” by Sufersal

Technology gave us the opportunity to buy products online, a comfortable option to remotely pick your desired product and get it delivered to your doorstep.  So, what’s left in order to enjoy your new purchase and mark it as a good shopping experience? – opening your package and seeing that it is exactly what you’ve […]