Lancôme & ByondXR: Revolutionizing eCommerce with 3D Virtual Experiences

We have been building the ByondXR platform since 2015, anticipating the major shift towards online shopping. We could not have guessed it would happen so fast! 2020 and Covid-19 brought the momentum and we were lucky enough to be at the right place and time, with the best technology available. The acceleration to digital has […]

Target selects ByondXR to help in shaping the Future of Retail

2020 will be remembered for decades ahead, so much has happened and keeps happening as we’re still in the midst of an unfolding event which pushes us to new life routines and new ways of conducting business. Challenging times indeed, but as Freddy said it best – the show must go on! Our economy must […]

Exciting ByondXR Update

In these challenging times, while we are all still adjusting to new realities that are affecting us in many ways, something amazing is happening as well. Society, individuals and many companies, are working to change and improve themselves, and we are very happy to work with some leading apparel and interior design companies, to help […]

Calvin Klein chooses Byond’s store simulation solution

Thanks for following us. So much has been happening recently and I wanted to give you a taste of it and I’ll share with you much more in the coming months. We’ll be attending CES or NRF on January, and we’d love to see you there – let us know if you plan to be […]

Exciting updates about our new virtual showrooms, stores and more…

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. I wanted to share the latest of Byond and the milestones that we’ve reached recently. So much has been happening since we started focusing on retail processes! Hopefully, this will give you a taste of what’s happening behind the scenes. We are confident there will be […]

‘Byond digital transformation’: Byond’s future of retail + Viva Tech

I’ve realized how quick time is passing by when we are so busy and figured it will be good to share some updates with our closest circle of friends. With great things to come to the retail industry, the changes are threatening brands’ positioning and overall longevity. Online competition is growing with relatively new players […]