ByondXR Digital Showrooms

A new era for apparel wholesalers

Byond’s digital showroom platform is fully digitizing the E2E retail selling process. From design and merch to sales and order, by integrating to PLM, ERP, Ordering and 3D modeling software

Use Byond to create interactive, high visual and cross-functional Digital Showroom to display your line-sheets, collections, inspirations, media, and assortments- take your buyer to the next level of your personalized brand Journey.

Use it to tell a new sales story as part of your sell-in pitch or use between teams as a design review environment 
for your product line. 


  • Create countless live product boards on the fly
  • Collaborate between designers, merchants & buyers
  • Utilize all your existing 2D / 3D assets
  • Build personalized rooms & line sheets for each buyer
  • Analytics driven decision making
  • Integrates with your PLM and design software

What Customers Say...

Reduce Costs

Reduce amount of samples created, the shimpemnt and management overhead

Increase Coversions

Improve sales dramatically by telling a visual captivating story combined.

Work Smarter

Keep a record of previous showrooms and collaborate between co-workers

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