Shoppable 3D Interior

Home-decor Virtual Showroom

A new benchmark for interior design

ByondXR‘s Shoppable 3D Interior platform provides a superior experience for your shoppers. At ByondXR, we take the best properties of the physical world and bring them to the comfort of online shopping with the best it has to offer.


Give your shoppers one holistic place to shop for more

Minimize travel to showroom for sales represntatives and end-users

Turn shopping online into a superior experience

Make shopping spontaneous and intuitive

Help your shoppers make quick purchase decisions with a high degree of confidence

Generate immediate satisfaction for your shoppers & increase successful purchases

Allow your shoppers to

  • Visualize products in a real environment
  • Understand real sizes and scale
  • Get a real perspective
  • View products in context
  • Understand relations between products
  • Easily compare colors and small details
  • Get inspired and shop for full sets

Important Technicalities

  • A Full 360 Degrees Experience
  • Includes realistic product viewing using Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Runs seamlessly on all major web-browsers
  • Embeddable in your own website
  • Utilizes your existing assets (2D, 3D, 360)
  • Provides dynamic product placement, product info, and analytics
  • Embeddable in PCP and PDP

Improve ROI

By increasing conversions, sales attribution and brand loyalty, while reducing returns and taking a sustainable approach

Increase Basket Size

By exposing to shoppers complementary matching pieces in one beautiful designed environment and encouraging spontanous buying

Improved Loyalty

By focusing your shoppers on a pleasant exploration in a 360 immersive experience, rather than diving into long product details & other barriers

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