Byond Homeware

3D Home-decor Virtual Showrooms​

3D Showrooms

A new benchmark for interior design – make eCommerce more like the real-life to create new types of user jourenies for your products Either in store or at home – allow customers to access your catalog through visual 3D showrooms. 

Buy a set or specific items directly from the rooms.  See it in the store itself, on the website or even at your home through optimized web-based AR technology. 


  • Runs on standard web-browser
  • Discovered and presented in 3D environments
  • Viewed in real-time using Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Presented on personalized landing pages
  • Operates on any wide selection of tablets & mobile phones
  • support multiple industry verticals (Apparel, Home-décor, Beauty...

Additional Solutions

Longer Sessions​

Get customers highly engaged for longer periods​

Increase Coversions

Highly efficient interactive discovery and navigation

Improved Loyalty

Experience-driven approach with high customer return rates

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