Calvin Klein chooses Byond’s store simulation solution

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Thanks for following us. So much has been happening recently and I wanted to give
you a taste of it and I’ll share with you much more in the coming months.
We’ll be attending CES or NRF on January, and we’d love to see you there – let us
know if you plan to be there.


Noam Levavi
CEO, Byond

Calvin Klein Virtual Stores Solution

Calvin Klein piloted Byond’s virtual store-planning solution, resulting in a raging
success. Calvin Klein have chosen to expand and implement the solution across
Asia. The Platform offered by Byond will be used by merchandisers to educate and
deliver instructions to store managers in real-time. The feedback received from
Calvin Klein’s merchants and managers has been stellar. Click below to read more
about Calvin Klein’s use of Byond.

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Our New Digital Showroom Solution

We’ve put a lot of focus into our digital showroom solution this year – creating
new ways to visualize line sheets, collection, inspirations and assortments.
Wholesalers can easily create personalized interactive showrooms and instantly
share them with buyers online.
We are in the midst of a few implementations with well-known brands and look
forward to being able to show off our solution to the public soon.
If you are interested in being one of the first to see the Digital Showroom, please let
me know and I’d be happy to set up a call with you.

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Strategic Partnership with Browzwear

With Hundreds of customers worldwide, Browzwear is the leading 3D design
solution for the apparel industry. Browzwear is a significant player in accelerating the digital transformation for brands.

Bowzwear assets are now fully supported by Byond platform and can easily be leveraged for wholesale, merchandising, e-comm and AR experiences.
We have had the pleasure of presenting alongside Browzwear over the past few months at several events and will soon reveal some news together.

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ByondXR develops Metaverse Showrooms with VNTANA

This new integration allows brands to upload their existing 3D designs from programs like Browzwear, Clo, Keyshot, Modo and more to instantly create interactive 3D digital showrooms in ByondXR. There is no additional work needed as VNTANA’s patented algorithms automatically optimize and convert files to meet varying online and game engine standards, including those required for the metaverse.


NRF Retail Big Show 2022 Wrap-up

Surprising to no one, the start-up corner was the busiest one on the show. We’ve had a lot of traffic with brands and businesses from from all over the world coming to us for all the right answers about the Metaverse and immersive virtual experiences.

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