Exciting updates about our new virtual showrooms, stores and more…

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It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. I wanted to share the latest of Byond
and the milestones that we’ve reached recently. So much has been happening since we started focusing on retail processes! Hopefully, this will give you a taste of
what’s happening behind the scenes.

We are confident there will be much more of this in the near future. Please let me know if you have any questions regarding our recent announcements.

Noam Levavi
CEO, Byond

Calvin Klein Virtual Stores solution

Calvin Klein piloted Byond’s virtual store-planning solution on August and it was a
raging success. As such, they have chosen to expand their use of the platform to
more Asian territories so merchandisers can educate and deliver instructions to
store managers on proper set-up for showrooms in real time. The feedback from
Calvin Klein’s merchandisers has been stellar—nothing but positive reviews.


Click here to read more about Calvin Klein’s use of Byond.

P&G goes Byond with Olay products

eCommerce presents a challenge when trying to create a new experience for
consumers that conveys the same feelings online as the consumer would have if
they were touching and feeling the objects in the store. Olay wanted to create a
unique digital experience for its consumers that simulates real-life to make shopping
more engaging than currently achievable online. To achieve this, we built an
innovative eCommerce experience for Olay using our immersive showroom platform
and it was a huge success!

Byond Showroom solutions goes Beta

We’ve put a lot of focus into our digital showroom solution – creating a new way to communicate the stories the visual sales people and designers have created for
the products they’ve designed.
We are in the midst of a few pilot implementations with well-known consumer brands and look forward to being able to show off our solution to the public soon.


If you are interested in being one of the first to see the digital showroom, please let
me know and I’d be happy to set up a call with you.

New partnership with Browzwear

Browzwear is the leading 3D design solution for the apparel industry and leader in
market education with hundreds of customers worldwide. We have had the pleasure of presenting alongside Browzwear over the past few months at several events.

Additionally, we have taken all the necessary strides to integrate with their suite so
Browzwear users can take assets that they’ve created in Browzwear and see them
arranged in various ways to build their go-to-market strategy with both solutions.

Learn more>

Events Galleries

We’re going places and meeting people! Whether you are a potential customer or
partner, we want to meet you. Take a look at the events we plan on attending in the
near future and let us know if you’ll be there!

We’d love to meet up.

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