Platform Overview

Step into the World of Immersive Virtual Experiences

XR-Commerce Platform

XR Commerce Platform is allowing brands and retailers to combine their creative aspirations and built it seamlessly to scale in multiple virtual channels and destinations.

The Platform is built on set of proprietary engines and functionalities that make it best in class.


A powerful tool for creating, configuring, and managing virtual spaces.

Its simple and intuitive web UI allows users to easily create complex virtual environments without the need for extensive technical knowledge. With XR-Studio, you can easily customize the layout and design of your virtual space, add interactive elements, and configure the behavior of your virtual objects.

The Studio allows fast creation of 3D personalized spaces with rich interaction and behavior.


Overall, XR-Studio is a powerful and versatile tool that makes it easy for designers to create and manage dynamic and engaging virtual spaces. Its intuitive UI, collaboration features, and scalability make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to build virtual environments quickly and easily.


The XR Marketplace offers various applications, including integrations, plugins, and templates, that can be easily embedded to your virtual experiences to create a customized user journey.

The applications in the marketplace are categories to multiple categories such as ecommerce, engagement, gaming, interactions, media, social, and more. This means that you can easily customize your virtual experiences to meet the needs of your customers and achieve your business goals.

The XR Marketplace is growing rapidly, with new applications being added all the time. This means that you can continue to enhance the functionality of your virtual experiences and stay ahead of the competition.    



Explore the world of immersive experiences with ByondXR’s diverse range of viewer options, designed to cater to various customer needs and preferences. Our cutting-edge platform offers

  1. The 3D Lite Viewer for point-to-point navigation within 360-degree rendered spheres
  2. The 3D Web Viewer for freeform movement on the web
  3. The 3D Immersive Viewer with photorealistic rendering and pixel streaming
  4. The 3D Immersive VR Viewer for a truly immersive experience through headsets and teleporter navigation.

Discover unparalleled engagement and interactivity with ByondXR’s viewer options, elevating your brand’s customer experiences to new heights.


The platform of ByondXR is designed to enable the building of exceptional experiences to our brands & retailers. We achieve this by combining several modules that work together seamlessly to produce the state-of-the-art results.

  • A Catalog Management System that can be integrated to external repositories.
  • A real-time analytics that provides insights into user behavior and preferences.
  • AI-powered content creation tools – which shortens the creation time making Idea-to-creation faster than ever (e.g. 2D to 3D, Text-to-Avatar, Text-to-3D)

The beauty of the combination of these engines is that they create a synergistic power that is unparalleled in the industry.

Platform Benefits & KPI’s

Time to Value

Self Service & Realtime Changes

Generative AI Tools

Metaverse Enabler

Easier Integration & Embedding 

Increase Engagement/

Customizable Behavioural Analytics

Rich Marketplace

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