Company Description

We are Byondxr

Not your traditional headset VR company, ByondXR is a web-based VR company.

We cater to different industries in the retail sector and build interactive 3D journeys in shoppable virtual environments.

ByondXR is a retail-tech company that developed an immersive commerce platform to help brands, retailers and wholesalers, enter the metaverse of virtual customer experiences and connect with new customers

ByondXR developed an immersive commerce platform to help brands, retailers, and wholesalers improve engagement rates and increase sales significantly by creating unique visual journeys and virtual store experiences. Our programs enable interaction with high-resolution, 3D products in web-based, interactive, and captivating virtual environments.
Using a cutting-edge cloud-based 3D rendering and a real-time visualization engine, ByondXR provides a seamless experience that can be viewed from any device and at any time, allowing global teams to remotely collaborate, expedite processes and shorten the time to market.
ByondXR’s clients are some of the biggest brands and retailers in the world: Target, P&G, Loreal, Delta-Galil, PVH and many more.

ByondXRs platform transforms any business presentation or a buyer’s journey into a highly captivating experience that directly affects the user’s consideration phase and helps eliminate complex decision-making scenarios for both buyers and consumers. With the ability to view comprehensive product details, buyers and consumers can make purchases directly from the experience.

Retailers, wholesalers, and notable brands use ByondXR’s services to build dazzling virtual store simulations, create beautiful dynamic virtual showrooms or use it as a 3D visualizer which expands the boundaries of human imagination in visual design and product placement.

Today, ByondXR’s platform offers the most advanced technology with the fastest loading time in the industry, enabling seamless experiences that can be viewed from any device and at any time.

ByondXR was founded in 2016 by industry veterans Noam Levavi and Eran Galil, who led the company to a series of achievements and secured partnerships with some of the biggest international brand names such as Coca-Cola, Calvin Klein, Proctor and Gamble, Target, Loreal, Mitsubishi, Caesarstone and more.
ByondXR’s main sales branch is located in the US, while the R&D departments and HQ are based in Israel.

In the past year and in light of the COVID19 crisis, ByondXR has been experiencing tremendous growth due to increasing demand by companies who seek to expedite their digital transformation. The primary focal market is the US, but ByondXR has started to branch out successfully to Asia and the European market due to the increasing demand.

the byondxr solution

ByondXR’s platform uses an internally developed real-time visualization engine and a 3D cloud rendering and optimization algorithm to provide superior graphics, speed, and functionality. Additionally, ByondXR’s dynamic publishing engine and advanced behavioral analytics enable retailers to understand how customers behave while shopping in the virtual environment, allowing them to better target customers and optimize the environments.


Industries and audience

ByondXR currently provides three alternative solutions for different industries in the retail sector

XR Virtual Stores
for Retailers and Luxury Brands

Allows retailers to create true to life 3D shoppable environments, where Customers are delighted with an interactive shopping journey that wins their hearts by expanding their imagination, resulting with significantly longer buying sessions and overall conversions improvements. 


Audience and type of companies we cater for in that industry:

  • Luxury brands
  • Beauty brands
  • Retail store owners
  • E-commerce companies seeking to adopt immersive experiences
  • Mall stores owners
  • Brick and mortar stores
  • Businesses that suffered as a result of the pandemic

See examples of our virtual stores >


XR Visualizer
for Home Design and Decoration

Provides customers with a way to visualize different combinations of flooring, walls, furniture, and accessories, creating a unique and engaging experience that improves bundles and basket size and builds a memorable connection with the brand. ByondXR has built a cutting-edge 3D visualizer solution that sets a new standard for home design and decoration.


Audience and type of companies we cater to:

  • Manufacturing companies
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers and retailers of surfaces,tile, stone, countertops
  • Home accessory companies
  • Furniture companies

See examples of our visualizers >


XR Virtual Showrooms
for Brands & Wholesalers

Allows brands and wholesalers to create personalized buyer journeys that present superior product visualization that resonates with the buyer and helps accelerate the decision process. Every experience is a collaborative space that can be shared across the organization and with potential buyers.
*We also have the option to mimic the virtual store experience where wholesalers can present a collection inside a virtual store environment as if the consumer or the buyer was viewing it. We call it a virtual showroom.
Visual merchandising – as one of the leading products in fashion, companies who wanted to design their merchandising strategy visually found this product extremely useful. Among our interesting and successful case studies is with Calvin Klein.

In-store experiences – brands creating omnichannel campaigns and creating interactive user journeys with AR and in-store kiosks.

Audience and type of companies we cater for in that industry:

  • Fashion companies
  • Apparel companies
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers and retailers of the fashion industry

See examples of our virtual showrooms >