Leader Biographies

Noam Levavi
Co-Founder, ceo

Noam Levavi is a seasoned professional and dedicated entrepreneur with more than 20 years of innovations in user experience technologies, including several patents in personalized media delivery and user interfaces.

Before founding ByondXR in 2017, Noam was the founder and CEO of YCD Multimedia, a world-leading on-site digital media provider, helping brands deliver personalized content to their customers. Reaching more than 100 million people every month in thousands of venues worldwide, Noam partnered with some of the world’s most recognized brands, including Mercedes, Ferrari, Nike, Chanel, Hugo Boss, AT&T, Microsoft, and Coca Cola.

Prior to establishing YCD, Noam founded Netune, a company that provided network communication services and Intranet web applications for small and medium-sized businesses. Noam served as a system communication manager in the Israeli Defense Force’s elite Intelligence Unit and is a graduate of the Israeli Military Computing and Information Systems Institute.

Eran Galil

Eran is a serial entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in R&D, product, and technology team management. Eran spearheaded company-wide initiatives and grew businesses from strategy to execution, utilizing his vast experience in XR technologies, cloud platforms, analytics and IT integrations. 

Previously, Eran held a number of CTO positions, one of his most notable being the CTO in the elite 8200 IT division of the Israeli Intelligence Corps after graduating from the Israeli Military Computing and Information Systems Institute. At ByondXR, Eran upholds and focuses on the execution of carefully crafted tech and product vision. 

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