ByondXRs Immersive Commerce
Platform Overview

ByondXR is a retail-tech startup that has created an immersive virtual commerce platform for brands and retailers to transform digital ecommerce and merchandising experiences. ByondXR empowers its clients to showcase and sell their products and collections online in a 3D, real time photo-realistic and dynamic environment. The company uses a state-of-the-art cloud-based 3D rendering and a real-time visualization engine, in order to make 3D environments work in real-time with unprecedented quality. The company is currently focused on fashion, luxury, beauty and home design and decoration companies, from tile & countertops to furniture and home accessories, and provides the following three solutions (real pictures from ByondXR’s virtual 3D environment below). 

Our products are served as a cloud service with the highest quality standards and with the abilities to be embedded on any website and integrated with back end systems

XR Virtual Stores
for Retailers and Luxury Brands

ByondXR’s platform allows retailers turn their online shops into a 3D immersive shopping environment. Being 8K photo-realistic, the platform recreates stores into the 3D world, allowing customers to breeze through the stores as if they were there – selecting and reviewing items. The platform is easily integrated with eCommerce platforms, can blend video and social feeds, enhance with gamification and augment products in real spaces (AR). The company also provides consumer behavior analytics.

XR Virtual Showrooms
for Brands & Wholesalers

Fully digital real store-like showroom and ordering system for apparel brands and wholesalers. The virtual showroom allows a brand to create an online space that showcases its products, using high-resolution imagery and an interactive user interface. Wholesalers are invited to visit the showroom at their own convenience and explore the product selection visually. Businesses can now minimize travel for their clients and sales representatives who generally have to travel long distances to showcase new collections and general products. In addition, this eliminates the need to use samples and reduces other operational costs while providing a unified, controllable brand experience. 

XR Visualizer
for Home Design and Decoration

ByondXR have created a 3D, photo realistic and dynamic immersive shopping environment for Interior Design and Home Decoration. Manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers can now provide a superior, wall to wall experience that gives their customers the ability to visually assess flooring assortments, changing walls, live furniture and home accessories. The end customers can perceive the real environment and overall look of a designed space with or without objects, as well as “try” them virtually in their own homes.

ByondXR’s platform easily integrates a very comprehensive set of media (2D, 3D, videos, social feeds, etc.) and product information into its highly immersive (AR, VR, 3D) platform. ByondXR reports that its platform integration lasts on average 6 weeks (in the future will be down to 2 days), and once up and running can easily and dynamically be modified. The immersive products can be viewed on any web browser and any device – mobile or desktop. The analytics layer is very comprehensive and can be presented as a dashboard. The system is targeted to be self-service after the onboarding process, and already partially operates in that way by a few customers.

The platform is generally represented by the depiction below:

Competitive Advantages

ByondXR empower Brands and Retailers to build and manage the most immersive 360 photo-realistic experiences in the industry.


Over the past 5 years, we have developed a unique platform with comprehensive cloud engines, web toolsets and APIs to allow fast creation of interactive 3D experiential retail experiences.

The mix in our solutions between the high rendering capabilities with dynamic behaviour and extensibility is what makes us so unique

  • Authoring and publishing web-tools: The tools allow fast creation of 3D personalized web experiences and offer real-time publishing of 3D embeddable assets and product info. There is no other platform that provides such powerful backend 3D publishing tools.
  • 360 Visualization Engines: Provides superior photo-realistic lightweight 360 experiences that can be rendered and streamed from the cloud quickly to any device over regular 4G networks
  • Analytics: Advanced behavioral analytics, provides KPI measurements and insights into the end users’ thought patterns and habits.
  • Extensibility: Open platform with ability to integrate and enhance capabilities through APIs
  • Embeddability: can be easily embedded into customer’s website and retain all capabilities
  • Compatibility: Cross platform work across all major OS, Browsers and Devices.
  • Content-agnostic: most comprehensive media support: images, videos, animations, CADs, 2D, 3D, 360, social feeds, real-time streaming.