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Like the highly individualized immersive experiences our platform creates for your customers, ByondXR’s pricing depends on specific details of your company. So we’ll need to hear those from you to give you accurate pricing info. Just fill out the form here to get started.

How does ByondXR pricing work?

For starters, ByondXR isn’t an agency. We’re a SaaS platform, and the service is available through an annual subscription. Billing for ByondXR will be similar to how your company pays for any other SaaS platforms.

What are the main components of your pricing model?

The main parameter driving pricing is the number of experiences launched, each carrying its own licensing fee. We also offer fee-based applications and add-ons to elevate the experiences and increase engagement – including gamification, multi-user packs, and eCommerce plugins.

Do integration cost extra?

Generally speaking, no. The standard platform licensing fee covers most standard integrations. There could be an extra charge in some cases, but we’d need to talk to assess that.

Does ByondXR offer creative services?

Yes. Although we are a technology company first, and many of our brand customers have their own agencies and designers working with our platform, ByondXR does have an in-house studio available to complement our offering and support our customers.

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