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Boost your product experience by letting customers see for themselves, with a few clicks, what your home décor products will look like in their home.

Trusted by top retailers and manufacturers globally, the ByondXR Visualizer drives conversions and transforms shopping.

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Why Your Brand Needs 
a Home Décor 

Harvard Business Review research finds that consumers who shop using augmented reality tools such as visualizers spend 21% more time on the brand’s site, view 28% more products – and are 20% more likely to make a purchase.

The reason is clear: Viewing home décor products in the abstract, on a web page, can’t create the strong emotional connections or buy signals that your customers will experience when they view your products situated perfectly in their own home environment.

With ByondXR’s Home Décor Visualizer, you can give your customers that ability – and begin boosting engagement and revenue – almost immediately. Our visualizer solution makes it easy to let consumers visiting your immersive online environment, examine your products from all angles in photorealistic 3D, choose colors, textures, and features that interest them, and place these products into any room in their home.

Visualizer For Any Room & Product

The ByondXR Visualizer supports a wide range of use cases, all
delivered with top-notch visual quality and accuracy. Select from
various templates for any given area or space, both residential and

Kids room
Kids room

Key Benefits

Increased sales and conversion rates

Harvard researchers find consumers using visualizers are 20% more likely to make a purchase during the session.

Increased product views

According to research from Harvard, shoppers using augmented reality visualizers view 28% more products than those who don’t.

Enhanced engagement

Mobile Marketer reports that 82% of home décor consumers are interested in shopping online, and Harvard finds that shoppers using visualizers stay on the retailer’s site 20% longer.

Global accessibility

You can quickly and easily deploy ByondXR’s visualizer for your consumers in different regions, as our customer Caesarstone did.

Reduced return rates

Retailer build.com reports that the return rate for shoppers using its visualization tool to preview a furniture product is 22% lower than for those not using the visualizer.

Data collection and insights

Gain valuable business intelligence by analyzing how consumers are previewing your products in their physical spaces, which features and colors are most popular, etc.

The Power Of Visualization




Conversion Rate


Sales Cycle Duration


Return Rate


Product Views

Key Features


ByondXR’s visualizer lets your customers view your products in stunning photorealistic quality, and from every angle, allowing them to truly experience your product in lifelike 3D in their own space.

User behavior analytics

Our immersive experience platform lets you track and analyze tremendous detail about how your customers interact with your products. Using our Home Décor Visualizer will give you new insights into which products (and which options among each of them) are resonating with your customers.

Extended reality product showcases

Create unique digital showcase environments where consumers can examine, customize, and experience your products in ways they couldn’t in a physical store.



A web-based product that allows you to create and visualize home décor designs in three dimensions, helping consumers and designers gain a clear sense of how furniture, accessories, or any home décor products will look in a space before buying. See it in action.

All of your brand’s product images are modeled in photorealistic 3D. You can allow your customers to quickly and easily select a product, choose among your options for colors, textures, and other feature choices, and then place the product digitally in their personal space. With ByondXR’s Home Décor Visualizer, you can give your customers a real-time realistic view of what your products will look like in their home.

There can be various visualizers, each for a different type of room, each one with its own distinct design and style. Visualizers can also simulate outdoor and commercial spaces, depending on the products that are being demonstrated. To get an idea of this range, check out how our customer Caesarstone used our visualizer to create an immersive experience, allowing visitors to view the company’s countertops and other products in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Consumers find it difficult to imagine how a product will look in their own environment, and this becomes even more challenging if they want to visualize a combination of products. The visualizer lets consumers view products up close, in photorealistic 3D, and examine their look in a lifelike scenario in the user’s own home. This generates a stronger emotional connection between users and the product (because they can literally envision it in their home) and gives them more confidence in their purchase decision.

Yes you can, and you can manage your own product sets and alternatives in the system.

You can use any type of product in the visualizer. ByondXR supports a wide array of products.

The visualizations are highly accurate, using advanced rendering technologies to produce realistic images and simulations based on the actual dimensions and design elements you input.

Yes, you can easily share your designs with clients, friends, or other users directly from the scene.

Very easy. Just provide us with a few initial inputs on your required items for the visualizer. Then choose the templates where to show them, and we will configure the settings for you, sending you a simple code widget/URL to embed it in your website.

See How It Works

Discover why leading brands use ByondXR’s Home Décor Visualizer.

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