The ByondXR Platform

How does the ByondXR platform function?

The first thing to understand about ByondXR is that it is in fact a technology platform. We’re not an agency taking client requests to build immersive digital experiences and then leveraging other tech companies’ software to do so.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, ByondXR is an end-to-end platform for building and scaling immersive brand engagement experiences – which can feature branded avatars, virtual stores, virtual try-ons, games, social buying, and AI-powered concierges to guide consumers through a brand’s immersive experience.

When you walk through our tech platform, you’ll find a rich ecosystem of apps (some ours, some from third-party partners) to help you create a customized virtual experience from scratch. You can use ByondXR, for example, to build a complete virtual store that your customers can experience via a personalized avatar, an AI personal consultant to guide them, the ability to invite friends to join their virtual shopping experience, as well as fun options for viewing your products in vivid 3D. You can even add gamification, influencer spaces, up-to-date information on what other consumers are buying from your brand, and other exclusive content available only in your virtual experience.

When you’ve launched your experience, you can then quickly scale it, using our content-localization capabilities to make the experience accessible to consumers nearly anywhere in the world.

Can I plan my shops using your platform?

Yes and no. If you’ve already created a 3D space (using tools like 3D Max or Blender), then you can simply upload your digital assets to ByondXR and use our studio to create a unique user journey around those assets. Our platform is designed to take pre-existing 3D assets and let our customers plan and build interactive, immersive user journeys with them.

If you don’t yet have your 3D space designed, then you’ll need to create that content first using one of the many leading 3D editing tools that ByondXR supports – including 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D and Blender. You can choose from one of the ready-made templates on the ByondXR platform to save time and effort.

Where will our virtual experiences be hosted?

All data running on the ByondXR platform, including all of our customers’ virtual experiences, are hosted in the cloud .

Is the ByondXR platform compatible with VR headsets?

Yes, the ByondXR platform currently supports VR headset compatibility, ensuring that all our customers' immersive experiences can be accessed via these devices. We continuously update our platform to keep pace with technological advancements, and this includes integrating support for the latest VR headsets as they are released. Our product roadmap includes plans to accommodate all new VR headset models, ensuring that our users can always enjoy the most cutting-edge and immersive experiences possible.

Does your platform run experiences with the Oculus (Meta) headsets Quest 2 and 3? How about Apple Vision Pro?

Yes, and yes. ByondXR’s immersive experiences can run on any of the major VR-enabled headsets from manufacturers like Oculus, Apple, Samsung, Google, etc.

Does the ByondXR platform support Roblox? Can we create games or experiences that run on Roblox?

Absolutely. ByondXR’s platform has been integrating with Roblox technology for years. Several of our brand customers are running virtual stores and other immersive environments that feature Roblox-powered gamification to add fun and engagement to their shopping experiences.

Getting Started

What steps do I need to take to start using ByondXR?

The answer depends on the degree to which you want to leverage ByondXR’s technology platform on your own (using your in-house team or with the help from an agency), or whether you’re looking to partner with us for help.

Most brands prefer to work with our expert team to help them customize, launch, scale, and manage their immersive virtual experiences. If that option sounds better to you as well, then all you’ll need to get started with us is a broad plan and set of objectives. Just determine your use case, the KPIs you’ll want to track, and contact us to get things rolling. And if you can share with us any branded 3D assets (videos, 3D images of your products, etc.), that’ll make things move even more quickly.

What people in my organization will be required for this project?

Members of your in-house creative team (if you have them) or representatives from your outside creative agency are always helpful at the beginning of any new virtual-experience project. They can help establish the creative vision and goals for the project.

But the people we really think you’ll need to kick off a new experience delivery with ByondXR are your decision-makers. Specifically, you’ll want to involve the people who can set the project’s KPIs and then approve each step of the process so that we can move on to the next step. This way, we start out with clearly defined objectives and an approved plan, and we minimize confusion along the way – all of which help complete your project on time and within budget.

How long does it take to create a virtual experience?

This will also depend on number of factors specific to each brand customer. Assuming your brand is already up and running on the ByondXR platform (in other words, assuming we’re not also talking about your initial setup), the primary factors affecting the time to roll out a virtual experience will be the degree to which your brand already has the materials (such as 3D assets) and a clear direction and goals for the completed project.

If you’re ready with those key assets and you have a strong vision for your virtual experience, the process could take just days. But if you need to model a full virtual environment (including 3D assets), that will likely take a few weeks. Typically, the whole process takes between 4 and 12 weeks.

What is the usual timeframe for implementing ByondXR's solution?

Because every brand comes to ByondXR with different levels of readiness, available assets, and clarity on their objectives, implementation timeframes can vary substantially.

But for most of the brand customers we have helped get situated on our platform and ready to launch their first virtual experiences, the process from initial kickoff call through live experience on the immersive web typically takes between 4 and 12 weeks.

I need to get a new virtual experience up and running in a month. Is that possible?

It’s possible, but it will require a lot of effort and time commitment from both your team and us here at ByondXR. Also, you will need to be very clear upfront on your plan, goals, and vision for this virtual experience. Our team will need to know exactly what they’re working toward so they don’t waste any time going down the wrong path.

One final note here: For these types of tight timelines and urgent projects, we often recommend using one of our templates rather than trying to create a unique virtual environment from scratch. That helps to keep down the time for development and feedback.

Getting to Know ByondXR

Can you provide some background on ByondXR?

ByondXR was creating immersive experiences before that concept even had a name. And today, we remain the industry leader, creating highly engaging immersive experiences for such world-class brands as L'Oréal, Kraft Heinz, P&G, Unilever, YSL, Bacardi, Mondelez, Lindt, LEGO, and dozens of other globally respected companies.

For brands (and their agencies and consultancy partners) struggling to keep their consumers engaged and loyal, ByondXR’s Immersive Brand Engagement Platform provides an end-to-end solution to create personalized, scalable, and engaging digital immersive experiences. Unlike one-off projects that agencies cobble together on an ad hoc basis, our offering is a long-term, technology-centered solution that combines key capabilities (Loyalty Programs, Social Buying, Web3-based Experiences, Influencer Spaces, Multi-user gamification, Product Discovery, etc.) to deliver business results and boost consumer engagement, conversion, retention, and loyalty, and lead generation. To learn more, visit our About Us page.

Could you name some of ByondXR's notable clients?

Many of the world’s most successful and respected brands trust ByondXR’s platform to power their immersive virtual experiences. Just some of these brands include Yves Saint Laurent, Kraft Heinz, Bacardi, P&G, L'Oréal, and LEGO. To see a larger list of these companies, grouped by industry, visit the ByondXR customers page.

What sets ByondXR apart from its competitors?

The most important distinction between us and our competitors is that ByondXR is a true technology company that has built the industry’s most comprehensive tech platform for creating immersive brand engagement experiences.

Our biggest competitors, by contrast, are in fact agencies that have added “immersive brand engagement” to their list of service offerings. When a brand signs up with one of these companies to launch a virtual store or other immersive digital environment, the company simply uses other providers’ software tools (and yep, sometimes it’s ours) to cobble together a one-off virtual experience. And while that might work for the one-off virtual store, the process doesn’t scale.

But once you’ve made that key distinction – ByondXR is really the only company in this space with the expertise to create and operate its own immersive brand engagement tech platform – you’ll realize it leads directly to many other important differentiators between us and our competitors.

For example, our platform offers the highest-fidelity, most photorealistic 3D virtual spaces and product displays in the industry. We’ve been at this longer than our competitors – actually creating these technologies, instead of simply borrowing them from other providers – so we know how to build incredibly realistic virtual environments to engage consumers.

Also, our platform offers seamless integration across a wide range of plug-ins, apps, and third-party solutions. Remember, our competitors are cobbling together virtual environments on an ad hoc basis, and they don’t have our foundation of an in-house technology solution to build from. So, assuming you’re also looking to include key add-ons in your brand’s virtual experiences (gamification, shopping carts, digital wallets, social buying, etc.), you’ll have a much easier time creating these seamless immersive environments with ByondXR. We’ve built an entire platform to integrate with these types of third-party apps – and no one else has.


Do you have published case studies featuring your customers’ experiences with ByondXR?

We do. On our website, you can see both case study summaries of many of ByondXR’s customers as well as short video clips showing the actual virtual experiences these companies have created on our platform. To view these summaries and videos assets – for customers including Kraft Heinz, Bacardi, Yves Saint Laurent, Unilver, LEGO, and many others – visit the ByondXR customers page.

Do you offer a playbook on data and KPIs?

Many of our customers come to ByondXR with their own objectives in mind for the data they want to track and analyze and the success metrics they want to strive for. But if you’re less sure of what to measure and how to define the success of your immersive virtual experiences, our team can definitely help.

We’ve worked over the years with many brands, across numerous industries, and tracked and analyzed millions of users’ behaviors in a wide range virtual environments. That large data set – combined with our extensive market research – have helped our team at ByondXR develop a strong knowledge base about what works best for various consumer segments (Gen Z, for example) in terms of deepening emotional connections to brands, boosting engagement and loyalty, and increasing purchases. And we’re happy to share these insights with you and help your team devise a playbook and strategy for your virtual experiences.

We don't want a virtual store, but we do want to use other aspects of your platform. Can we choose from your platform’s capabilities piecemeal?

Definitely. The ByondXR platform is designed to help you create immersive virtual experiences to support your company’s objectives, whatever those objectives are. Some of our customers, for example, use our technology platform to create immersive virtual training and educational materials for their employees and sales partners.

In other words, you don’t need to build a virtual store to generate enormous value from the ByondXR platform. If you want to learn how to set up a customized ByondXR account that leverages a specific portion of our platform’s capabilities, and to find out what that will cost, please set up a call with our team.

What best-in-class benchmarks has your platform delivered?

Just some of the quantifiable improvements we’ve delivered for our customers include an average 400% increase in engagement time (measured as time spent in an immersive virtual experience), a 200% boost in lead generation, a 23% increase in conversions, 24% higher retention rates, and a consumer age that’s 9 years younger than our brand customers were averaging with visitors to their other online retail sites.

Capabilities and Compliance

Do you run inside our website or externally?

The ByondXR platform operates as an extension to a brand’s website. You can implement our system either as an embedded widget or a full-page view on your web address.

Note: The immersive virtual experiences you create using the ByondXR platform will be hosted entirely on our cloud infrastructure. Your IT team will not need to manage any dedicated hardware or software resources to run these immersive experiences.

Does your platform support multi-player experiences that are free form?

Absolutely. A key advantage of the ByondXR platform is our flexible set of multi-user capabilities that allow users to collaborate by voice and text chat.

How much can you scale?

As much as you need. ByondXR’s platform runs virtual experiences for some of the world’s largest brands and often scales those experiences up – both to accommodate more simultaneous visitors (as a brand’s virtual environment becomes more popular) and to add accessibility in different parts of the world.

With any immersive digital experience that you create on the ByondXR platform, you can quickly and easily scale its capacity and even take it global.

Do you collect personally identifiable information on customers?

No. The data that ByondXR’s platform collects on user sessions in our customers’ virtual environments relates only to the movements and behaviors of a user in that environment. We do not learn, collect, or store any personally identifiable information (PII) relating to any user in any of our customers’ environments. In this way, your ByondXR instances will be compliant with any industry’s or government’s regulations regarding consumer privacy and data security.

Are you GDPR compliant? What type of data do you collect?

Yes, we are fully GDPR compliant, and we do not collect any personally identifiable information (PII) on any of our customers’ users. The data we gather for our customers’ analysis covers only usage details – time spent in a virtual environment, items selected, friends invited, items virtually tried on, purchases, questions asked of the AI-driven personal consultant, etc.

ByondXR’s platform neither collects nor stores any personal information relating to any user.


How much does a virtual store cost?

A virtual store operating on the ByondXR tech platform falls under the category of an “experience,” carrying its own license (separate from and in addition to our standard annual subscription rate). Because each experience our brand customers create is customized and unique, the price will vary. The best way to get an accurate idea of how much your virtual store would cost is to request a demo.

How is the cost of using ByondXR services calculated?

The core pricing for ByondXR’s technology platform is an annual subscription, billed similarly to most standard B2B SaaS solutions. Beyond that core subscription fee, the pricing will vary for each customer, depending primarily on the number of immersive virtual experiences a brand launches through our platform. Each of those experiences carries its own licensing fee. Our platform also offers fee-based apps and tools to further customize and elevate each experience, such as gamification and eCommerce plug-ins.

To get a better sense of ByondXR’s pricing for your brand, request a demo.

Do your licenses include marketing materials? What can you give us?

Yes, our licenses do include marketing material preparation to help brands promote their virtual experiences, and we offer help customizing these marketing materials for all relevant digital formats – Google, social media platforms, etc. For more details about our marketing material support, please request a demo.

Do you offer a trial or pilot program?

For certain potential customers, yes, we can set up a pilot program. But because this will require upfront work and customization for our development and project management teams, we first need to assess both the customer’s organization and the nature of the pilot. If you’d like to determine whether such a program might be available to you, please request a demo.

Integration and Compatibility

Is it possible to integrate ByondXR with my existing eCommerce platform?

Yep. The flexible ByondXR platform is app-agnostic and can work with any eCommerce solution. In fact, you can think of our platform as an extension of your company’s website – whether that’s a customer-facing eCommerce environment, loyalty site, or an internal enterprise space such as a corporate intranet. Whatever eCommerce solution you’re using, you can easily integrate it into the virtual experiences you create with the ByondXR platform using our intuitive shopping cart and product catalog integrations.

Which platforms and devices can support ByondXR's technology?

ByondXR’s technology platform is an omni-channel solution that works over the web and is compatible with any type of device (mobile, desktop, and tablet) and any operating system. Also, you won’t need any dedicated hardware or software to build, launch, scale, and oversee the virtual experiences you create with the ByondXR platform.

Assets and Creative

Can we bring our own models?

Heck yeah! We encourage it. The more assets you can bring to the ByondXR platform (3D product images, videos, pre-designed 3D renderings for your virtual store or other immersive environment), the more smoothly and quickly the implementation process will go.

Do you have a creative studio?

We do. But keep in mind that ByondXR is, first and foremost, a software company, not an agency. We offer brands a technology platform for creating, managing, and scaling immersive virtual experiences.

We offer creative studio services if you don’t have in-house expertise on the creative side and don’t already have an agency helping you. But if you have an internal creative team, or an agency, or both, then those creatives can use our platform themselves to build and manage immersive virtual experiences for your brand.

What 3D modeling tools and formats does your platform support?

The ByondXR platform works with the major 3D tools, such as 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D and Blender.


How can I get more information about partnership opportunities?

If you’re a software provider, a studio or agency, a content creator, or an eCommerce platform – and you’re interested in partnering with ByondXR – we want to hear from you. First, check out the ByondXR partnerships page to determine where you’d best fit into our ecosystem. Then, set up a call with our team, so we can explore opportunities to work together.

Does ByondXR partner with other technology providers?

Yes, we do. We built the ByondXR technology platform specifically to be flexible enough that it could fit seamlessly into a rich app ecosystem. Our current technology partners include major eCommerce platforms and other digital solutions – for example, Salesforce, SAP, PayPal, Shopify, OpenAI, Ready Player Me and many more...

Do you have representative in my country? Can I be your rep there?

Let’s talk. ByondXR is global today in the sense that we have brand customers running immersive virtual experiences all over the world, but we don’t yet have a physical presence in every country. So if you’re interested in serving as a ByondXR reseller in your home country, we’re happy to hear your pitch. Please set up a call with our team.

Can I get access to the system?

Yes, as a ByondXR partner, you will have an administrative account granting you web access to our platform. Your account will include access to our virtual-experience creation tools, rich app marketplace, data collection and analysis capabilities, and your own administrative dashboard where you can assign varying levels of system access, monitor data, create reports, etc.