Virtual Store

When you build an immersive virtual store on the ByondXR platform, you can create highly personalized and memorable 3D experiences tailored to each customer, guiding them in fun and engaging ways from product discovery, through consideration and purchase. And because our AI-driven platform lets you adjust the contents of your virtual store in real-time based […]

Community Building

Avatars Multi Users

Research shows that Gen Zers prefer to make shopping a social activity. If you want to turn these consumers into loyal buyers, you need to empower them to bring friends to their online shopping experience – and even discover new friends while they’re there. With ByondXR’s Immersive Brand Engagement Platform, you can use a wide […]

Branded Metaverse

Branded Metaverse

The retail industry is at an inflection point: the metaverse is maturing quickly and is poised to replace flat, conventional online stores with fully immersive branded experiences in vivid 3D. And consumers are clearly ready – eager, in fact – to start experiencing the promise of the branded metaverse. A report from Accenture finds that […]

Training & Education

Trainig & Education H

Research from HubSpot finds that 73% more visitors to an online store will buy a product after watching a branded video about it. Among the key reasons, the researchers say, is that the more people feel like they’ve learned about a product’s features and capabilities, the more comfortable they are buying it. With ByondXR’s Immersive […]

Product Discovery

Product Discovery H

Research reported in The Conversation finds that when young people view a T-shirt in a VR-enabled online store, those who can also direct a virtual hand to touch the shirt later say they’re willing to pay, on average, 33% more for it than those who view the shirt only and can’t “touch” it. Consumers are […]

Product Configurator

Product Configurator H

Deloitte reports that when a furniture seller launched an augmented-reality app that allowed consumers to view how an item would look in their home, the app racked up 100,000 downloads in only a few months and led to a 65% conversion rate. That’s just one example of the tremendous power of enabling your consumers to […]

Virtual Showroom

Virtual Showroom H

Shopify’s research finds that when merchants add 3D content like virtual showrooms to their online shopping experience, they enjoy a 94% increase in conversions. Giving your consumers an immersive environment to visualize, try on, or configure your products makes those virtual shopping sessions much more meaningful. And when you combine a vivid 3D showroom with […]