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3D e-commerce is already taking over the world of online shopping. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 and the rise of the Metaverse, augmented reality, and virtual reality, shoppers are leaning more toward this online shopping mode. This is why ByondXR is perfectly positioned to elevate your business to the next level. E-commerce will no longer exist in static websites and product pages. Your online presence should now feature virtual environments with 3D stores, fashion showrooms, and home-décor visualizers.

What is 3D Shopping?

3D shopping, otherwise known as 3D commerce, uses augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to render 3D models embedded on a website, webpage, or mobile app. The goal is to give the customer an interactive, graphical 3D representation of the products they wish to purchase.


There are many reasons why online retailers are shifting to 3D commerce, but it all boils down to the consumer. Consumers want convenience, choice, and entertainment. They also want to feel deeply affiliated with the brand.


ByondXR’s virtual environments provide just that. Your customers get to enjoy immersive e-commerce enabled by 3D shopping and unrivaled visualization.

How 3D ecomerce Works?

3D e-commerce allows customers to have various real-like interactions with products. They can browse the products, interact with them by swiping, touching, or dragging them across touchscreens.


3D e-commerce extends beyond the online space for some retailers. A couple of physical stores have virtual reality applications, virtual mirrors, and 3D showrooms in their physical stores to offer a 3D experience for customers in-store.

Go Beyond 3D With ByondXR

A positive online interaction makes a brand more memorable to customers. Virtual stores offer a much richer product experience compared to regular webshops. Customers have the flexibility of looking at a product from all angles, viewing them in different materials, colors, or even getting a live demo.


AR, a technology ByondXR also implements in its virtual stores, allows customers to view the product in their homes with just a few clicks. They can accurately size a wardrobe, couch, or table before purchasing.

Most consumers feel like traditional online stores don’t provide everything they’re looking for. However, with ByondXR 3D virtual shopping experiences, they get convenience and exactly what they’re looking for.

Convenience saves your customer the time and hassle to get to your store since they can experience the store and products as they wish from the comfort of their home.

ByondXR’s stores may be virtual, but they’re nowhere near unreal. They offer unparalleled human experiences that create memorable customer experiences, engagement, and an emotional brand connection.

This kind of engagement helps drive conversions. Your 3D virtual store can even operate in multiple languages to break linguistical barriers and cover new regions with a superior level of engagement and customer experience.

ByondXR’s virtual stores, fashion showrooms, and home décor visualizers are never closed. You can have non-stop operations 24/7 with no physical limitations, geographical boundaries, or time constraints that prevent some customers from engaging with your brand.

Creating a 3D Online Store for your customers

Transforming your traditional online store into an immersive 3D virtual environment is not rocket science. ByondXR offers tools and technologies that make the transition seamless.


Your virtual environment can be created utilizing existing 2D and 3D assets. Once the environment has been created, you can embed it to any type of website with seamless performance across all browsers.


ByondXR 3D online stores, fashion showrooms, and immersive 3D environments can also be self-served. You don’t need any additional downloads or plugins with the environment loading faster than 3D environments from other vendors in the industry.


Your online customers will love the peak level of photorealism, and you’ll be able to improve their experience while shopping in your 3D online store using real-time behavioral analytics.

Virtual Environments By ByondXR

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XR Stores

These are true-to-life, 3D, shoppable environments that mimic your real-life store. ByondXR virtual stores enhance your e-commerce experience by giving shoppers an interactive shopping journey that keeps them in the store for longer, keeps them connected to your brand, and boosts engagement and online sales.

Screen Shot 2022-04-25 at 6.21.12 PM

XR Visualizers

Home décor businesses can use 3D to create visual models that allow customers to see different combinations of wall tiles, flooring, accessories, and 3D furniture. This enables the customers to make faster and more informed decisions since they can see and interact with the products they want to buy. 

Walmart Boys Image

XR Showrooms

ByondXR provides you with 3D immersive showroom solutions that let you create interactive online stores showcasing new collections from your fashion house.

Your customers can interact with fashion wear and virtually try them on, plus complete their ordering process as they would in your physical store.

Why Go ByondXR?

The fastest loading time in the industry

Utilize existing 2D & 3D assets

Behavioral analytics in real time

Embeddable to any type of website

Runs seamlessly on all web browsers

Self serve and user friendly

No downloads or plugins

Highest level of photo-realism in the industry

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