Augmented Reality: Rethinking the Future of Shopping

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At ByondXR, we’ve built unique, new visualization tools and technology to help retailers and luxury brands reach and engage these demanding new natives of the metaverse.


We like to say the results for our clients are ByondXR – beyond expectations and beyond extraordinary!

xr stores

Our XR Stores provide customizable 3-D virtual shopping experiences, so real you can almost touch and taste them. Recreate your flagship store or test new AR shopping concepts with no boundaries, no time zones, in any language with no barriers to bigger online sales.


Showcase new product lines, introduce stunning new services, let your customers reach out and virtually touch everything in your product catalog. Enhanced with your 2D and new 3D visuals using the highest level of photorealism and the fastest loading times in the industry. Embeddable on any website with no need for apps, APIs, or costly integrations. 


XR Stores are built to engage your customers and visitors en route to higher conversions and sales.


Augmented reality provides a fun and interactive customer experience. Our XR Visualizer brings your products to life, letting buyers see your products in every color, shape, and texture in realistic virtual settings in-store, in the office, at home, and anywhere else they imagine.


Visualizer uses best-in-class 3D visualizations to enable stunning product presentations and gorgeous, realistic simulations in full 360° panoramas. Modeling and 3-D rendering are all included within ByondXR services. All are linked to extensive product catalogs and collections that provide a faster path to purchase by engaged and excited consumers. 


Our real-time analytics will tell you what shoppers looked at, what they liked, what caught their attention, and what they purchased. In addition, your virtual store integrates easily into any e-commerce shopping cart and platform.


If you’re looking for a complete virtual showroom and ordering system, find out why more leading brands and retailers choose XR Showrooms. These virtual showrooms give fashion retailers, wholesalers, and brands the fastest path to accelerate your digital presence while delighting customers and creating a personal experience and stronger brand connection. 


Our platform enables instant, shared collaborative digital sales boards and virtual showrooms using 360° environments, realistic fixtures, and interactive media running seamlessly on every browser. In the back office, behavioral analytics provide precise measurement, greater insight, and more reliable data for faster decision-making.


Inside XR Showrooms, dynamic media placements and 3D product interactions integrate quickly and easily with product catalogs. And yet, new products are quickly added and offered for sale, with self-serve and user-friendly updates backed by 24×7 technical support.

The Power of an AR Retail Store

Augmented reality gives consumers the power to visualize, customize and actively engage with products anywhere, anytime, and on any device. 


It also allows retailers to engage shoppers in extraordinary ways. 

ByondXR can create an AR store connected to your catalog of products. Shoppers pick colors and sizes, seeing them from every angle and changing products or colors in a click. That’s the way shopping is meant to be and it’s now possible to be hands-on virtually with the same impact as a retail location. These AR stores also deliver invaluable new data points and insights from shoppers as they look at and pick up your products.



That’s why we and our brand and retail partners are so excited about the AR shopping future.

3D furniture visualizer by ByondXR


Augmented reality is a retailer or brand’s first and fastest way to grow a business using the potential of the new retail metaverse. 


At ByondXR, we’ve proven AR can bring new customers from around the world. 

Engaging, entertaining, and exciting them while you build enthusiastic new connections and sales. 

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A 3D visualizer embedded in the Caesarstone website

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