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Immersive Brand Engagement for FASHION

A Statista study reveals that 92% of Gen Zers – and 90% of Millennials – want immersive shopping experiences to virtually try on apparel and accessories. Engage these young buyers, and claim your share of their $2 trillion in spending power, with ByondXR’s platform.

Fashion Consumers Want Immersive Shopping Experiences

Almost half (45%) fashion consumers say they’d be more interested in apparel brands that use virtual reality to enhance their shopping experience. Capgemini’s 2023 research finds that 58% of consumers say immersive experiences will influence their next purchase. The message for your brand is clear: It’s time to use tools such as augmented realityvirtual reality, and 3D-enabled virtual stores to capture the attention and engagement of customers looking for immersive experiences to improve their fashion shopping. To see what’s possible, check out the beautiful virtual store CottonWorks created using the ByondXR platform.

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