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When we talk about metaverse shopping, our vision is shopping that goes “beyond” today’s online shopping experience. When we founded our company more than six years ago, we decided to call ourselves ByondXR because our vision was to take online shopping beyond even where it is today.

Let’s look at how retailers can create an exciting metaverse shopping experience using XR or “extended reality.” An experience that completely engages shoppers online, provides an irresistible metaverse shopping experience, exceeds shoppers expectations, and delivers increased sales and profitability.

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What Is
The metaverse

To us, the metaverse shopping experience means taking 3D, augmented reality and virtual reality and bundling them together into metaverse retail stores that go far beyond expectations.

In real terms, this means adding deeper engagement using gamification techniques. For example, by adding extra interactive screens with 10 to 30-second games, extra interactions engage customers, offering them a chance to find and win discount tickets or extra product samples.


Metaverse technology can also be used to save on transportation, product development and environmental costs. ByondXR’s 3D metaverse technology lets suppliers send a tiny one-inch fabric square swatch to a brand, eliminating hundreds of product samples, fabric bundles and shipping costs. On receipt, the brand applies our 3D technology to reconstitute product designs and samples for in-depth analysis, review, application and final product line decisions

This just scratches the surface of metaverse online shopping. The only boundaries are our imagination and how we use the ByondXR platform and the latest interactive technology and tools to deepen engagement.

Step into the Metaverse
with ByondXR

ByondXR’s metaverse features mean an even richer immersive experience.

We start by building on our existing AR/VR platform using our proprietary real-time visualization engine. With 3D stores, visualizers and showrooms, you’re just getting started in creating a metaverse shopping experience. The next step is to imagine brand new ways to interact with customers.

Build Metaverse
XR Stores

For some of our retail partners, this means building XR Stores with 3D customer experiences in familiar brand or most photo-realistic environments. Once the shopping adventure is built, we take it to the meta-level by adding additional screens with further unique or adaptive experiences, offers or incentives for interaction. With the fastest loading times in the industry, our metaverse retail stores run in real-time on any device and all browsers.


Imagine adding additional layers of interaction such as a scavenger hunt for products, a contest to count the numbers of products or adding a spinning roulette wheel to win product prizes or discounts? 

That’s metaverse shopping with next-level engagement.

3D Visualizer Makes a
Metaverse Shopping Experience

With our 3D, XR Visualizer, manufacturers and retailers can take customer engagement to the meta-level. These immersive environments allow customers to take your products and put them into their own rooms with exact dimensions. Our industry-leading photorealistic 3D images create unforgettable and unique shopping experiences at your customers fingertips.

XR Showrooms

Our XR Showrooms provide a third way to create meaningful metaverse online shopping opportunities. These 3D interactive showrooms are just the starting point for more engaged customers. Fashion retailers, brands and wholesalers can create collaborative spaces for any organization, anywhere in the world. Place photorealistic product images on sales boards or add virtual sales assistants to answer customer questions, pricing and other information requests.

Now you're starting to see

the possibilities of a metaverse shopping experience

Create a Unique
Customer Experience Journey

What other ways could you create unique customer experiences? The only limits are your imagination. Another way to create a metaverse shopping experience is to bring the outside into your retail store, for example. You might have an interactive kayaking experience on a big screen inside your store using 3D headsets to let customers test the latest outdoor gear.

Or how about a new home virtual tour with a designer kitchen and a 3D celebrity chef creating a tasty recipe on a new screen at the kitchen counter and stove? Add a hot spot for a visitor to share their email address and enter a chance to win dinner on the town. That’s fun, engaging and very Meta!

It’s all about finding new ways to engage customers, thrill shoppers with new virtual experiences, generate amazing KPI’s, and build the strongest emotional brand and product connections possible.

The metaverse provides new ways to simplify the shopping experience as well. Introducing automation and personalization can also make it faster, easier and simpler for your customers to go from product interaction to the checkout.

Metaverse Shopping is the Future of Shopping

When you start exploring the possibilities, it’s easy to see why metaverse shopping is the future.  Not only can you increase sales dramatically, you can see an even bigger ROI with lower shopping cart abandonment, fewer product returns, and substantial social interaction and sharing.

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Is Metaverse Shopping for You?

Let's make metaverse a reality for your business.

We invite you to take your customers on a journey into a whole new world of metaverse shopping. 

For shoppers, it’s an immersive combination of AR/VR with all the possibilities of extended reality. For retailers that brings the potential for increased profits, and the strongest connection possible with your customers. Got some new ideas you’d love to test? Let’s make metaverse a reality for your business. 

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