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Invite consumers to digitally experience your product in vivid detail – to try on your cosmetics, mix and match your brand’s outfits, or even decorate a room with your furnishings. Use our product discovery tools to create engaging, emotionally powerful customer experiences.
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What are ByondXR’s Product Discovery Tools?

The product discovery capabilities in ByondXR’s Immersive Brand Engagement Platform are a series of tools to help guide visitors to your virtual environment through vivid, lifelike interactions with your products.


Offering these virtual experiences to consumers can create an enormous advantage for your brand’s online engagement, brand loyalty, and sales. Retail Dive research finds that 56% of shoppers go to physical stores just to touch and examine products before ordering them online. If your customers don’t feel satisfied that they’ve fully “experienced” your product online – and go to the mall instead – you risk losing those purchases, and potentially long-term customers, to your competitors.

With our product discovery tools, though, you won’t face that problem. ByondXR’s platform lets you create truly immersive interactions that let your customers experience your products in unprecedented detail – empowering them to virtually touch, examine, manipulate, and use your products in ways that recreate those memorable, tactile moments when customers realize they’ve found the right product.

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Shopping online should be so fun and engaging that your customers don’t want to leave.
Use our wide range of engagement tools to create hyper-personalized immersive experiences that keep your customers coming back.

User-centric Omni-Channel

Our platform prioritizes usability while introducing innovative experiences that transcend traditional boundaries, utilizing Metaverse and Web 3.0 technologies, to collaborate between platforms and initiatives

Personalized Immersion

Driven by behavioral analytics, our immersive consumer experiences evolve dynamically in real-time, aligning with each user’s movements and demonstrated preferences in the brand’s virtual space – to create a highly personalized experience.

Expansive App Ecosystem

Our platform seamlessly integrates with your existing technology stack and includes a wide range of tools including apps for gamification, virtual try-on (VTO), multi-user collaboration, and social buying.

Rapid Value Realization

Our No-Code Studio lets you easily create, manage, and scale immersive experiences and expand into new markets using user-friendly localization features, ensuring a rapid time-to-value for your initiatives.

Our Partner Ecosystem

Join us at the front line of immersive technology to redefine brand loyalty and eCommerce.