Virtual Stores and Trade shows

3D visual merchandising, Store Simulations & DIGITAL TRADESHOWS

Store Tour Simulations

  • Impress your buyers and shoppers with a luxurious and interactive 3D experience.
  •  Provide new ways to discover and interact with your brand by presenting your products in unique real-life virtual environments.
  • Create a stunning and optimized tour to discover the store, products and promotions, using your actual store in 360 presentation or create a fantasy version of it using CGI.
byondxr trade shows

Take Your Own Tour

at the Procter & Gamble CES Booth,
guided by Phil Duncan, Chief Design Officer at P&G

Play with Me

Digital Trade Shows

  • Make your exhibition or booth accessible to anyone, anywhere at any time and leverage your work.
  • Generate a digital twin to your actual booth or create a completely virtual one to present all over the world without anyone traveling anywhere.

Virtual Merchandising & Training

  • Build store environments for training purposes
  • Plan the view of your store and its visual merchandising, quickly and prevent mistakes
  • Communicate and share store-related guidelines, with clarity, accuracy and efficiency to all your in-store teams at once
  • Provide your teams with a powerful tool to ease and excel their work
  • Control the results and monitor changes
  • Learn to improve by using full store insights and data provided by ByondXR
  • Test New Fixtures in your actual store by using our AR Simulation 
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