The Future of Home Décor Shopping: How Technology Is Changing the Game

Bottom line upfront: The traditional home décor eCommerce site, where consumers view 2D product images set against white backgrounds, will no longer keep your brand competitive. As researchers noted in a Deloitte report published way back in 2020, consumers at that time had already come to demand a more customizable, information-rich experience as they shopped […]

3 Home Décor Tech Trends for 2024 and Beyond

Tech Home Decore Trends In 2024

Many of the major furniture manufacturers now offer WiFi-enabled, voice-activated chairs. Why are we telling you this? Because, ironically, it underscores an important point: Technology is rapidly changing the entire home décor space, and brands and retailers in your industry can no longer afford to sit back and watch their competitors reap all the benefits. […]

Engaging with LEGO® in Multimarket Experiences

Discover how ByondXR and LEGO® are reshaping digital engagement through innovative virtual experiences. Dive into our recent project with Lego, where gamification, personalization, and scalable technology combine to expand the realm of immersive customer engagement.