Lacta’s Virtual Store: Evolving Retail Innovation from Brazil’s Top Chocolate Brand

Lacta’s Virtual Store: Evolving Retail Innovation from Brazil’s Top Chocolate Brand

Although immersive experiences like virtual stores are still relatively new in online retail, the verdict is already in on the tremendous benefits they can deliver for retailers. Shopify, for example, finds that when its merchants offer customers a 3D commerce experience, those sellers enjoy an average 94% boost in conversions. Today’s online shoppers want personalized, […]

Beauty Brands: The Good (and Bad) News About Immersive Experiences

Beauty Brands - Immersive Experiences

Let’s start with two recent beauty-industry statistics. First, according to 2024 research published by web-analytics firm Capturly, the online cart abandonment rate for beauty products is 83%. That’s higher than any other industry examined in the study. Second, research in Beauty Packaging Magazine finds that 45% of US cosmetics consumers are likely to purchase makeup […]

Garnier Color Home: A First-of-its-Kind Immersive Experience for L’Oréal

Garnier Color Home - Immersive Experience

Global Beauty-brand leader L’Oréal is a longtime client of the ByondXR Immersive Brand Engagement Platform. The company has used our technology and tools to create numerous engaging virtual experiences for its customers around the world. And in early 2024, L’Oréal haircare brand Garnier used our tech platform to create and launch its first-ever AI-powered interactive […]

Engaging with LEGO® in Multimarket Experiences

Discover how ByondXR and LEGO® are reshaping digital engagement through innovative virtual experiences. Dive into our recent project with Lego, where gamification, personalization, and scalable technology combine to expand the realm of immersive customer engagement.