Virtual Showrooms Solutions

Digital Transformation for Retailers. Inside Out.

Byond's showrooms streamlines fashion purchasing sessions for retail and wholesale. It's a highly-visual toolset for merchants, designers and sales under a single platform.

Digital Showrooms

Easily create and customize branded live showroom environments.  Use the showroom as winning visual wholesale arena to tell your brand story to your consumers in an engaging new way.
Use it internally as a design review environment  for your product line. 

Create countless live product boards on the fly 

Collaborate between designers, merchants & buyers 

Utilize all your existing 2D / 3D assets

Build personalized rooms & line sheets for each buyer 

Analytics driven decision making

Integrates with your PLM and design software

Visual Merchandising Showrooms

Transform your 2D& 3D assets to create a unique live 3D view of your merchandise and in-store design. 
Impress buyers with a luxurious 3D inventory or use it as a new collection planning and training tool for merchandisers.

Augment collections in virtual store environments

Elevate training/planning using new visualization

Display outfits and assortments on store fixtures

Intuitive drag & drop UI to customize the store

Visualize products and environments in 3D, AR or VR 

Display integrated performance data

Value Proposition

Increase Conversions

Improve sales dramatically by telling a visual captivating story how it all connects together

Gain Agility

Turn any tedious process to a lean set of steps while getting feedback in real time

Transcend communication

Improve collaboration internally and externally through simple web sharing

Boost Engagement

Longer interaction time. Increased amount of app actions aclicks

Work Smarter

Keep a record of previous showrooms to improve decision making and follow trends

Brand Remembrance

Immersive environments makes memorable experiences which strengthens brand loyalty

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Our team is headed and backed by world-leading innovators in consumer engagement and immersive technologies experts. 
We believe that experiential retail is set to explode and will continue to change the face of the industry. 



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