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Lead a limitless retail strategy

Create customizable 3D customer experiences in branded true-to-life environments. Invite your audience to an interactive shopping journey that will keep them connected to your brand while boosting engagement and sales rates.

Immerse your audience with an identical virtual online store of your flagship location or to enhance your eCommerce by turning it into a shoppable environment.


Your Virtual Store. Always open.
Even during a pandemic.

Expand your retail strategy to be a non-stop operation 24/7, without geographic boundaries, time constraints or physical limitations that have been preventing customers from engaging with your brand.

Lancome Store

Real Memorable Customer Experiences.
Emotional Brand Connection.

Positive online interaction is the #1 reason that makes a brand memorable to consumers. Be the brand that delights its clients in times where a human experience is rare.

Just because it is virtual doesn’t mean it’s not real.

Remote. Safe. Seamless.
Accessible to New Audiences

Turn your virtual retail store into a global operation with multiple languages, allowing new audiences from different regions of the world to discover your brand as an interactive journey that will always make them come back for more.

A holistic interaction in
every step of the shopping journey

Build a lively shopping adventure, create special deals and bundles, presenting new product collections with multiple data layers in the highest level of photorealism. Make it interactive with dynamic media placements and 3D product interactions that are seamlessly integrated with your product catalog.

Standout from the competition and position your brand in the spotlights

Create a clear differentiation from competition with ByondXRs cutting edge technology.

Create an enhanced digital offering or improve your current retail strategy to meet the highest of your customer’s expectations.

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La Roche-Posay
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We are Here to Stay (with YOu)

Technical Integration

A frictionless process by a dedicated team


Services such as modeling and rendering are included

On-Boarding Process

A personalized “hand-in-hand” process

24/7 Technical Support

“Always a 1st priority” approach

Why Go virtual with ByondXR?

The fastest loading time in the industry

Utilize existing 2D & 3D assets

Behavioral analytics in real time

Embeddable to any type of website

Runs seamlessly on all web browsers

Self serve and user friendly

No downloads or plugins

Highest level of photo-realism in the industry


“ByondXR is set out to make the commerce experience more natural, less digital, more human.”

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