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Virtual Reality for Brands

Many of the world’s leading Luxury, Beauty, CPG, and Food & Beverage brands are discovering the awesome power of virtual reality (VR) to create engaging, immersive experiences to capture their customers’ imagination. And given that 37% of Gen Zers – soon to be the world’s largest consumer group – shop regularly just for fun, it’s no wonder that VR-enabled immersive experiences are helping top brands increase engagement, loyalty, and sales.

What Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a set of technologies designed to project

users into a digital environment – usually in 3D – that looks and feels real but isn’t. These tools typically use a couple of methods to reinforce the illusion that we’re really in the virtual world: through signals sent to our senses (which is why VR often involves headsets or goggles) and by responding to our movements and actions in the environment.

Virtual Reality

How Brands Use Virtual Reality

Forward-thinking brands are using virtual reality to transform dull, 2D online shopping into an immersive experience that places consumers at the center of their own digital journey to interact with the brand’s products. Luxury and Beauty brands, for example, use VR to invite consumers into immersive virtual stores, where they can be represented using personalized avatars, view and sample products in vivid 3D, consume interactive tutorials, and even receive recommendations from an AI-driven personal consultant.

Benefits of VR

One of the biggest benefits brands are enjoying thanks to
VR-enabled immersive experiences is that their customers stay
far longer in these brand’s online environments than in traditional online shopping sessions – an average of 400% longer, in fact, for brands using ByondXR’s tech platform. And keep in mind: 86% of Gen Zers are regular gamers. So, it makes perfect sense to give your brand’s online presence the game-like experience that you can best create with a VR-driven immersive environment.

Virtual Reality