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What is this eBook for?

First, congratulations. By researching tech platforms to create immersive experiences for your brand, you’re already ahead of most of your competitors – and joining industry-dominating brands like Yves Saint LaurentP&G, and LEGO. Leveraging the right immersive-experience platform is going to give you a massive competitive advantage in engaging consumers, holding their interest, and increasing their loyalty to your brand.

But not all tech platforms in this industry are created equal. In fact, not all providers are necessarily tech companies at all. That’s another reason you’re right to be reading this eBook. We’ll walk you through the common misconceptions about these tools, the pitfalls to watch out for when interviewing vendors, and the absolute must-have capabilities you’ll want to demand from your immersive-experience platform.

Let’s get to it!

Buyer's Guide - ByondXR